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The impact of cancer on the fecal metabolome and microbiome

Who Qualifies?

This study is available to dogs who are diagnosed with cancer and will be receiving a chemotherapy protocol using specific anti-cancer drugs (such as the CHOP protocol). Dogs must also be otherwise healthy and without other major systemic diseases as determined by the primary clinician and lab results. If your dog takes any prescription medications or supplements, please discuss these with your clinician prior to enrolling in this study as this may affect the ability of your pet to participate in the study.

Update: At this time, we are specifically looking for samples from the following healthy dogs to act as controls:

Breed Sex ​Age (years)
​Miniature Schnauzer ​Male ​8.5
​Bernese Mountain Dog ​Female ​8
​Australian Shepherd ​Female ​11
​Labrador Retriever ​Male ​11
​Golden Retriever ​Male ​10
​Mix ​Female ​9

Purpose of the Study

The goal of this study is to establish the impact of neoplastic disease and of chemotherapy on gut health and to identify potential strategies where nutrition could provide benefits. Many people and dogs suffer from gastrointestinal disease while undergoing cancer treatment. We know that the microbial flora is tightly linked to health and disease; therefore our goal is to characterize these changes in order to find new solutions for this problem.     

What is Required?

We require five fecal samples for dogs receiving chemotherapy (day one, days 14 and 15 of treatment, samples can be provided together), and days 30 and 31 after chemotherapy has ended (samples can be provided together). Dogs that are not treated for any reason, just day one sample is needed. We also require that you answer a short questionnaire about your dog’s health in each week. These questionnaires will be handed-in on the last visit.      


The benefit to participating in our study and advancing the knowledge in this area will benefit future cancer patients.

To Enroll

Interested participants can learn more by contacting Dr. Jonathan Stockman, (970) 305-6027.

Additional client information can be found here