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Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Enrollment in this study is extremely limited at this time, please contact the veterinarians listed at the bottom of this page for additional information prior to scheduling an appointment with the VTH.

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Who Qualifies?

Any cat who is suspected to have FIP by their veterinarian, and does not have a diagnosis of another disease that could be causing similar clinical signs (ex: cancer, heart failure, etc.).Patients located in the northern Colorado, metro Denver, or southern Wyoming regions are ideal candidates since a visit to the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (in Fort Collins) is required.

Purpose of the Study

Despite over 50 years of study, a definitive non-invasive diagnostic test for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) remains elusive. This study will evaluate two new diagnostic strategies – multiplex fluorescent immunocytochemistry and proteomic biomarkers – with the goal of developing a reliable test, and eventually a vaccine, for this disease. Please be aware that this study is currently diagnostic in nature, and does not include any kind of experimental treatment.

What is Required?

  • An appointment through the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital Small Animal and Internal Medicine service or Emergency and Critical Care (ECC).
  • Standard blood draw (venipuncture) and routine fluid or solid organ testing (fine needle aspirate), both of which would likely be recommended for diagnostic purposes in any suspected FIP case.


An appointment through internal medicine is free for cats in this study. Several important routine diagnostic tests (complete blood count, biochemistry profile, FIV/FeLV testing, fluid analysis and/or cytology) are paid for by the study. You and your cat will contribute to our ability to more accurately diagnose FIP, and further our mission of designing a vaccine for this terrible disease in the future.

How to enroll

Please contact Dr. Curtis and/or Dr. Santangelo, or call and make an appointment with Small Animal Internal Medicine (970) 297-5000 and mention the FIP study. ​​​