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Diagnostic Tools

​Outpatient echocardiography is a service available to referring veterinarians, Monday through Friday.

The service allows outside veterinarians to schedule their patients and clients for an echocardiogram. Animals are brought to the VTH by their owner or an agent of the veterinarian at an appointed time. An echocardiogram is performed by Cardiology service professionals and results of the echocardiogram are reported directly to the ordering veterinarian that same day.

To order an outpatient echocardiography, please call (970) 297-4476. Only veterinarians or a veterinarians office can schedule outpatient echocardiography.

​Our Equine Field Service team is happy to assist you by offering oral extraction of equine teeth. This procedure is more labor-intensive than repulsion of the tooth but is a less invasive procedure for the horse. Dental extractions are usually performed with the horse standing in the stocks under heavy sedation. This means we can often send the horse home the same day as the procedure. If extraction is not an option we can refer the horse to our surgical service for repulsion of the tooth. Call (970) 297-5000 for questions or to make an appointment.

​You can Submit Samples to our Clinical Pathology Laboratory. Our board-certified veterinary clinical pathologists and technologists provide laboratory results in a timely, efficient and thoughtful manner. In most cases we are able to provide in-house test results in one hour. For special or more advanced testing, this turn-around period may be longer, but most of our tests results are available the same day they are received.

​For your patients who need special medications, our Pharmacy can Custom Compound medications. To compound a prescription, please call (970) 297-1291.

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