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Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation News

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felix duerr

"Our question is, does CBD help with this problem and is there an improvement in the outcome measures that we use?" - Dr. Felix Duerr

Canine Athletes

​If your dog is a competitive athlete or simply an active companion, he may be more prone to musculoskeletal injury and disease. Learn here about preventing problems, and watch for signs of injury. Feel free to share this Pet Health column with friends and clients.


As Boone the Border collie recovers after being hit by a truck, his CSU veterinarians use X-rays, lab results and neurological tests to determine how he is healing.

pet winter exercise

Your pet needs to get a move on even when the weather outside is frightful. After all, maintaining a healthy weight is as important for pets as it is for people.


​Meet Brutus, a rescued Rottweiler that suffered botched paw amputations as a puppy. He’s getting help from a loving foster owner, a full set of prosthetics, and a team of experts from OrthoPets and Colorado State University. With his new limbs, Brutus is going mobile!

black and white dog running

​CSU's own Felix Duerr weighs in on how dogs can suffer from sports related injuries - and how to prevent them.



pain in pets

Uncontrolled pain causes suffering and an inflict physical and psychological harm - learn more about how you can treat pain in your dog or cat.

canine sports medicine

Detecting pain in dogs and cats is difficult, yet essential for your pet to have a long, happy life or continue performing to their full potential as an athlete! In this newsletter you will find information on how to recognize pain in pets as well as an update on our research activities.

canine sports medicine

Degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis is one of the most debilitating diseases in people and animals. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for arthritis.