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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine is the field of medicine and surgery that is aimed at prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries resulting or associated with sporting/athletic activities.

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation aims to restore a patient to previous (pre-injury) level of health.

Which services are offered by the rehabilitation staff?

The following services are offered by our physical therapy/rehabilitation staff:

  • Rehabilitation assessment of gait, posture, function, strength and range of motion to determine the physical source of your dog’s functional deficit.
  • Treatments may include laser therapy, Game Ready dry cold compression therapy, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, gait training with the Gait-Lite walk assist, underwater treadmill, therapeutic exercise and neuro re-education.
  • Home mobility instructions may include how to optimize safety for you and your dog while completing activities such as helping your dog into and out of the car and up and down steps. This also includes home safety and mobility recommendations including the best ways to help prevent slipping, falling and re-injury.
  • Home exercise program includes exercises that are simple, safe and effective for helping your dog reach their highest level of pain-free mobility.

If surgery is needed, when is it performed?

Surgery often is scheduled the day after initial appointments but can be scheduled according to your needs. If you are pretty certain that your pet needs surgery – please contact us ahead of time at (970) 297-5000, or

If surgery is needed who performs the surgery?

Our surgeries are completed by our highly trained orthopedic surgeons together with their surgical residents. Our students may assist during surgeries, but these are largely observational learning experiences for our fourth-year veterinary students.

If surgery is needed how long does my pet have to stay in hospital?

In most cases, a pet will be hospitalized for one night after surgery and be discharged the following morning, usually around 9:30 a.m. If your pet is hospitalized, you will be updated about your pet's status.

Do you work with my primary care veterinarian?

We would love to make your pet’s care as easy as possible for you. We aim to have a close relationship with all of our referring veterinarians. We may encourage some necessary recheck examinations at our hospital, but we are happy to work with your primary care veterinarian as much as possible.

What is a resident?

A resident is somebody who has already obtained their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree (or equivalent) and is continuing their education to become a specialist in any given field. Residents spend three years at CSU before taking an examination to become certified by the board that oversees their specialty. At CSU, we have many residency programs; specific to Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, we have one resident in Sports Medicine in addition to multiple residents in Small Animal Surgery. Every resident works under the supervision of a CSU faculty member who has already been board-certified in the field that the resident is studying.

Do you have payment plans?

Visit the hospital's Financial Information page for general payment information.