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The goal of CSU’s Small Animal Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation clinical​ trials program is two-fold:

  • To improve the quality of life and musculoskeletal health of individual animals by offering clinical studies of treatments suspected to be beneficial to your pet

  • To provide translational information that advances treatment options for people with arthritis

Ongoing clinical trials


Is your pet suffering from arthritis and you live in the Fort Collins area? We are always investigating treatments to alleviate pain symptoms associated with osteoarthritis of the elbow, shoulder, stifle or hip joints.

To enroll in our arthritis studies, please take the arthritis enrollment survey.​ 

Orthotics and Prosthetics

We currently have several ongoing studies evaluating how effective orthotics (braces) are for various orthopedic conditions. If you believe your dog could benefit from an orthosis please email​ us. Similarly, we are conducting research investigating how successful prosthetics are for our canine patients. If your dog needs a partial limb amputation or was born with a defect – we may be able to help! Please contact us.


 Help Support Clinical Trials

Dr. Felix Duerr
Phone: 970-297-4140

Aaron Phaneuf
Director of Development
Phone: 970-491-2969

Muscle Mass Recovery After Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) in Dogs

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether an oral supplement can accelerate muscle mass recovery after TPLO. Your dog will receive a supplement to his or her current diet that may be a placebo or treatment (supplement that contains special proteins that are designed to accelerate muscle mass recovery) provided in the form of kibbles. The supplement has to be given daily for the first 8 weeks after the surgery. We are utilizing ultrasound (i.e. a non-invasive procedure) to evaluate changes in muscle mass (i.e. muscle mass recovery) in dogs after surgery. Objective gait analysis will be utilized to provide an objective outcome measure of improvement in weight bearing/lameness. We are recruiting dogs that are undergoing a TPLO-procedure and offering a incentives (free X-rays, $850 after study completion) in exchange for participation in this study. The study involves your dog undergoing additional diagnostic tests including blood draws, gait analysis and ultrasound measurements of the limb before surgery and 2, 4 and 6 weeks after surgery. The procedure (TPLO) itself will not be affected by participation in this study.

To enroll in this study, please take the TPLO enrollment survey.

A detailed outline of this study including the required visits can be found here.

Upload X-rays and Medical Records Here

To upload X-rays or any other information (medical records, videos of your pet’s gait, required study questionnaires, etc.) please click on this One Drive link. See video examples #2 and #3 here for help in obtaining useful video of your pet’s gait.


 Small Animal Sports Medicine Clinical Trials

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