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​Surgical Endoscopy

What Is Surgical Endoscopy?

Surgical endoscopy is a group of minimally invasive surgical techniques, and our team specifically specializes in surgical laparoscopy and thoracoscopy.

Surgical laparoscopy is the viewing or biopsy of the internal structures of the abdominal cavity and surgical thoracoscopy is the viewing or biopsy of the internal structures of the thoracic cavity.

Why Is Surgical Endoscopy A Good Surgical Technique?

​Surgical endoscopy is considered to be safe, having few complications. The minimal invasiveness of the surgical or diagnostic procedures can make laparoscopy and thoracoscopy preferred techniques over more invasive procedures. Advantages include improved patient recovery because of smaller surgical incision sites, lower postoperative morbidity, lower infection rate, and lower postoperative pain.​


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What Type Of Equipment Is Used?

Biopsy and surgical procedures are performed through small ports. These ports provide access for specially designed surgical instruments and a digital view of the body cavity with a telescopic lens and camera.​


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