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Internal Medicine Staff


Julia Veir

Julie Veir

Section Head
Residency Training Program Director

Steven Dow

​Steven Dow

Kristy Dowers

​Kristy Dowers

Michael Mike Lappin

​Michael Lappin

Sarah Shropshire

​Sarah Shropshire

David Twedt

David Twedt

Craig Webb

​Craig Webb


Sara Wennogle

​Sara Wennogle

Richard Wheeler

​Richard Wheeler                                                                   



Kellyi Benson

​Kellyi Benson

Johnna Kearney

​Johnna Kearney

Stacie Summers

​Stacie Summers

Tarini Ullal

​Tarini Ullal                                                                  



Morgan Biggo

​Morgan Rash Biggo                                                           

Brittany Hyde

​Brittany Hyde

Shannon Larrabee

​Shannon Larrabee

Francesco Lotti

Francesco Lotti

Allison Masters

​Allison Masters

Allison Mooney

​Allison Mooney

Lisa Uhl

​Lisa Uhl



Veterinary Technicians​

Kristine Kofron

Kristine ​Kofron
Veterinary Technician Supervisor

Stacey Cooper

​Stacey Cooper

Maura Green

​Maura Green

Shawna Lee

​Shawna Lee

Carly McIntosh

​Carly McIntosh

JoAnn ONeal

​JoAnn O'Neal                                                                                


Client Liaison

Amy Russell

​Amy Russell

Phone: (970) 692-5851





small animal internal medicine
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