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What is Integrative Pain Medicine?

​Our ​Integrative Medicine service aims to provide animals relief from pain and to optimize their quality of life. We do this through clinical service, humane research, advanced educational programs, and a dedication to elevating awareness of the imperative to recognize and effectively address pain and discomfort in animals.

Our pain medicine doctors draw from natural healing approaches such as acupuncture, gentle manual therapy, nutritional supplements, along with conventional drug-based pain medicine treatments, to meld the best of both worlds for the benefit of our patients.


  • Provide compassionate, high-quality, patient care, putting patients’ interests first.
  • Promote scientific, evidence-based education to veterinarians-in-training as well as to clinicians, regarding the pathogenesis, pathophysiology, and successful alleviation of pain.
  • Facilitate ongoing collaboration, innovation, and inquiry, leading to advancements designed for the betterment of animals and translational benefits for humans in pain.
  • Develop learning programs that allow veterinarians to gain technical skill and confidence in the latest pain alleviation techniques.
  • Encourage humane research in the study of pain; i.e., not causing pain to study pain.

Services We Offer

  • Pain evaluations and treatment of chronic pain and other issues affecting quality of life

  • Natural healing consultations

  • Interventional pain medicine techniques

  • Acupuncture

  • Low-level laser therapy

  • Gentle manual therapy

How Much Does it Cost?

Every patient is unique and the cost of your pet's care will vary depending on the diagnostic testing required, the type of treatment provided, and the severity of their condition. Our specialists will discuss the cost and medical care options with you, and provide you a cost estimate at your appointment. Visit the hospital's Financial Information page for general payment information.

Please Support Integrative Medicine
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Veterinary Teaching Hospital
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Contact the Small Animal Reception Desk at (970) 297-4477