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What to Expect at Your Appointment
Since a primary goal of our hospital is to educate the next generation of veterinarians, our veterinary students play a role in treating all of our patients.
Under the direct supervision of a faculty member or resident, our students perform basic treatments such as radiographs, probing and charting (where each tooth and periodontal pocket is evaluated using a small dental probe), and scaling and polishing teeth. Surgeries and more advanced procedures are performed by a faculty member, with students observing.
Most dentistry and oral surgery patients can expect the following at their appointment:
  1. A fourth-year veterinary student will greet you, speak with you about your pet's history and current concerns, then perform a physical examination.
  3. The student presents the case to the veterinarian and, after a short discussion, the veterinarian will repeat the physical examination and perform an oral examination.
  5. The veterinarian will discuss the findings with you, work with you to decide a treatment plan, and provide you with a fee estimate.
  7. Since oral procedures generally require Anesthesia, if a procedure is needed your pet will be taken for a blood draw and an assessment by one of our board-certified anesthesiologists.
  9. You and your pet can then go home and return the following day for the procedure.
  11. We will nearly always ask that your pet fast the night before, receiving no food after 10 p.m. (but you can give your pet water).
  13. Your pet will be admitted at 7:30 a.m. on the day of the procedure.
  15. We will perform the procedure and call you if something unusual is found while the animal is under anesthesia to discuss any modifications to the treatment before they are performed.
  17. We also will call you at the end of the procedure to update you and coordinate the discharge of your animal. Usually we discharge around 5 p.m.
  19. Upon discharge, we will review with you the procedures and discuss post procedure instructions such as medications or diet restrictions.
  21. To assess healing, a recheck appointment typically will occur two weeks after the procedure.

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