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Client Experiences

​"We brought Custer to Colorado State and Dr. Orton did open-heart surgery and repaired a valve. I've brought other pets to Colorado State since then, and ever time I'm impressed with the care. Supporting a veterinary college is not just about keeping my animals healthy. The work that top people like Dr. Orton do has a ripple effect. The techniques he pioneers are taught to veterinary students and published so that everyone in the field can learn. Dr. Orton is also investigating the genetic reasons for heart problems as well. Labrador retrievers are wonderful dogs that bring their ownders much humor and joy. I like to think that my support of Colorado State means that other dogs - and people - will have healthier and longer lives."

-Helen Van Dyke King

​"Zoe is a small, three pound teacup poodle with a life-threatening heart murmur. Dr. Bright and the students who work with her really care! Zoe received around-the-clock care and is a normal dog today. The Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is an outstanding place and I recommend them to anyone and everyone who will listen. Thank you again for all you did!"

-Jenny Muff

​"As an owner of Cavalier Spaniels, I know first hand the heartbreak that canine mitral valve disease causes. I support this program because I beleive in the work that Dr. Orton and his group are doing. My hope is that their research will one day lead to new treatments and preventions for this devastating disease, both for the sake of my beloved Cavalier companions and all the other dogs and families who have been touched by this disease."

-Lori Venners, whose support of our Project CARE is in loving memory of her dog Fletcher, who passed away in 2009.

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