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Graduate Studies

​Our program provides multidisciplinary training in animal agriculture problem solving. To accomplish this, the program emphasizes:

  1. Multidisciplinary coursework
  2. Hands-on experience with spontaneously occurring problems at the producer level
  3. Strong mentoring

The program is designed for plan A or B Master of Science and Doctoral degrees, granted from the student's home department. The program broadens the student's knowledge base and ability to work in sustainable and profitable animal agriculture.




​To apply:

Morna Mynard
Department of Clinical Sciences
A201 Veterinary Teaching Hospital                             
Fort Collins, CO 80523
Phone: (970) 297-4030

For more information:

Frank Garry, DVM, MS
Professor, ILM Coordinator
Colorado State University
Veterinary Teaching Hospital


VS or A 580/581 - Issues in Animal Agriculture
Two (2) semesters, two (2) credits per semester, for a total of four (4) credit hours. Team-taught course analyzing issues impacting the shape and direction of animal agriculture.

It is required that students acquire training in statistics and experimental design.

Course​ Title Credits
​EH / VS 662 ​Applied Research - Planning/Design/Analysis ​3
​EH 542 ​Biostatistical Methods for Qualitative Data ​3
​EH / ST 544 ​Biostatistical Methods for Qualitative Data ​3
​ST 511 ​Design and Data Analysis for Researchers I ​3
​ST 512 ​Design and Data Analysis for Researchers II ​3
​EH 532 ​Epidemiologic Methods ​3
​EH 551 ​Ergonomics in Product and Process Design ​3
​AN 565 ​Interpreting Animal Science Research ​3


One course chosen from each of the following subject groups (total of four (4) required). These courses are offered to broaden the student's knowledge in one or more areas outside of the major interest, and selection should be guided by the committee.

Animal Products

Course Title Credits
​AN 560 ​Issues in the Meat Industry ​3
​AN 660 ​Advanced Meat Science ​3
​AN 567 ​Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points ​3

Animal Health

Course Title Credits
​VS 750 ​Population Health Management 2
​VS 648 ​Food Animal Production and Food Safety 2
VS 626 ​Infertility and Genital Disease ​2
VS 716 ​Advanced Studies in Reproduction 2
​VS 795 B ​Food Animal Medicine 1-5
​VS 795 O ​Herd Health Management 1-5
​VS 796 ​Group Study in Medicine ​1-6
PA 555 ​Principles and Mechanisms of Disease ​3
​EH 501 ​Toxicology of Environmental Agents ​2
​EH 648 ​Environmental Health Risk Assessment ​3

Ergonomics and Marketing

Course Title Credits
​EA 305 ​Computerized Record Keeping ​3
​EA 405 ​Agricultural Production Management ​3
​EA 478 ​Agricultural Policy ​3
​EA 505 ​Agricultural Production Economics ​3
​EA 508 ​Financial Management in Agriculture ​3

Animal Production

Course Title Credits
​AN 476 ​Beef Feedlot Management ​3
​AN 478 ​Beef Production and Management ​3
​AN 492 ​Management Decisions ​3
​AN 510 ​Bovine Reproduction Management ​3
​AN 570 ​World Animal Agriculture ​3
​AN 578 ​Beef Cattle Management Decisions ​3
​AN 730 ​Advances in Cattle Breeding ​3
​AN 731 ​Parameter Estimation for Genetic Prediction ​3
PS 640 ​Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology ​5
​AN 420A ​Applied Animal Nutrition ​2
AN 422 ​Animal Metabolism ​3
​AN 621A ​Animal Nutrition ​2
​AN 720 ​Nutritional Energetics ​3
​AN 725 ​Rumen Metabolism ​3
​RS 520 ​Range Issues and Policy ​2
​RS 532 ​Range Ecosystem Sampling ​3
​RS 552 ​Range Animal Production and Management ​4
​PO 709 ​Environmental Politics in the US ​3