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ILM Donations and Funding

ILM Funding

Fulfilling the ILM mission to provide solutions for animal agriculture challenges requires communication among interested parties. Financing this mission-oriented approach requires creativity.

We communicate with producers to identify and prioritize problems. We balance our research, teaching and producer service activities in an integrated approach to problem solving. Although there are numerous potential sources for financial support, our most important is private donations from producers invested in the effort.

Conducting projects and supporting graduate students always requires financial support. Some of our funding comes from grants from sources such as governmental agencies, foundations, allied industries, or producer organizations.

ILM, along with Cooperative Extension offer many services to producers. Since many of our activities focus on working with real problems, producers pay for some of the costs of our investigations through their purchase of our services. These types of activities include practical approaches to producer problems such as mastitis, acute death loss, disease investigation.


The single most important means of supporting the ongoing efforts of the ILM is individual private donations, large or small. We need people who believe in the value of these efforts to help us with support. We believe it is important to support and educate the specialist problem solvers of tomorrow, as we focus on problems that affect the industries today. This is an important effort that will not be adequately addressed without support of our program.