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What is the Dairy Ambulatory Service?
Our Dairy Ambulatory service works with commercial dairy farms, both on-farm and in-hospital, providing a complete primary care veterinary service. Our weekly visits for primary care can greatly reduce the necessity for emergency calls.
Our relationships with our commercial dairy farms allow us to use their farms as teaching laboratories for our 3rd- and 4th-year veterinary students. We bring students along as we provide routine hands-on veterinary service as well as advice and analysis to help the farmers manage their dairies.
We currently have four dairy farm clients with herds ranging in size from 400 to 1400 milking cows. At this time, due to limited resources, we are unable to accept additional clients into the Dairy Ambulatory Service.

​What Services Do We Provide During Our Visits?

Generally, we will arrive at our client's farms at a pre-determined time. After greeting the herdsmen or owner, we will begin our activities, which may include:
  • Reproductive evaluation including pregnancy diagnosis
  • Examination and treatment of sick cows and calves
  • Dehorning and vaccinating calves
  • Evaluation of subclinical problems and herd health protocols
  • Blood sampling for passive immune transfer in calves
  • Discussing herd problems with herdsmen or owners

What Makes Us Different?

Our field service uses specialized equipment to monitor and assess herd health:
  • Reproductive ultrasound:
    The use of ultrasound in assessing and monitoring pregnancy can improve reproductive efficiency.
  • Blood ketone testing:
    Routine cow-side sampling and testing with hand-held instruments allows us to provide immediate feedback to fine tune the nutrition of cows around the time of calving.
  • Dairy Comp 305 Herd Management software:
    This is the most comprehensive herd management software available, allowing us to track and analyze the production, reproduction, and treatment of your herds.
Dairy Ambulatory Service
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