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What is the Equine Field Service?

The equine field service team is staffed by Dr. Luke Bass, D.V.M. and Dr. Elsbeth Swain, D.V.M. as well as a highly qualified and trusted intern selected by both doctors.

The Equine Field Service provides both primary and 24-hour emergency care for equine patients in Northern Colorado. The service has two fully equipped ambulatory vehicles, including portable digital radiography (x-ray) and ultrasound technology.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality in equine medicine for your horse as a part of the CSU Equine Hospital, and when necessary, to incorporate the rest of our team, which includes nationally recognized specialists in equine surgery, sports, medicine, internal medicine, reproduction, and complimentary medicine (chiropractor/acupuncture).

Our intent is to make certain excel the needs of your horse and your own expectations. We look forward to serving you; we are always available to answer questions by telephone and e-mail.
In addition to horses, ponies, and donkeys, we provide field care for cattle, goats, sheep, and camelids.

Services We Offer

Although many services fall under the umbrella of primary care, some of our most common services include:

Contact Us:
Colorado State University
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
300 West Drake Road
Fort Collins, Colorado, 80523

(970) 297-5000

(970) 297-1205

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
(970) 297-5000
Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
(970) 297-5000