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What to Expect at Your Appointment

The Colorado State Veterinary Teaching Hospital is dedicated to developing new generations of highly skilled equine veterinarians; that’s why veterinary students frequently accompany Equine Field Service veterinarians on their calls. Our staff veterinarians are not only skilled clinicians, but also dedicated teachers. This skill not only allows the Hospital and College to educate veterinary medicine students, but also enhance the knowledge, confidence and skill of our clients.

Our first priority is the proper care of your horse. The entire visit, diagnosis and treatment of your horse is under the direct supervision of our staff veterinarian. When safe opportunities arise for students to enhance their technical skills, we may request your permission to allow these students to perform basic procedures under our supervision and guidance.

Most clients can expect the following at their appointment:
  • A veterinarian and a field service intern will arrive at your barn, often accompanied by students.

  • The veterinarian and intern will greet you and begin by having a discussion with you about the issues your horse is having, as well as your horse's history. We like to get an idea of the kind of lifestyle your horse has, as well as basic information such as age, weight, etc.

  • We will examine your horse and perform diagnostics as necessary.

  • Based on the findings from our examination and diagnostics, we will work with you to make choices about the care of your horse, and perform any agreed upon treatments.

  • We can provide some medications in the field and, if we cannot provide the appropriate medication, we will discuss with you how to get a prescription filled for that medication.

  • Blood work cannot be performed in the field. If blood work is necessary, we must process the blood samples at our Clinical Pathology Laboratory. The results of these diagnostics will be shared with you as soon as they are available.

  • The veterinarian and intern will discuss the treatment and any discharge instructions with you. You also will receive a paper copy of your discharge information via mail after your appointment.

  • You may receive a follow-up call to check in on the status of your animal.

  • In order to allow students an opportunity to practice their communication skills, we may ask your permission to follow up our discussion with a supervised discussion of their own.

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