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What is Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy locally controls solid tumors such as carcinomas and sarcomas and provides relief of pain, or improves function in patients suffering from advanced cancers.
Radiation therapy has been used for more than 100 years, but technical advancements in the last decade, such as the Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator, have vastly improved the ability to deliver dose specifically to the tumor while sparing normal tissue structures.
The most common tumors treated in dogs and cats are brain ​tumors, pituitary tumors, tumors of the body and extremities (soft tissue
sarcomas, mast cell tumors, vaccine-associated sarcomas), lymphomas, and nasal, oral, bladder, prostate, perianal, and bone tumors.

 Cooper's Story

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​Cooper proved himself a real fighter, taking his radiation therapy treatments in stride. Read more...

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