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CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital Pharmacy: A Vital Resource
With almost 40 years of experience among them, our registered pharmacists provide professional and timely service, especially when treating sick, injured, or critically ill animals.
"We rely on their knowledge and expertise. They not only dispense medicines and compound special drugs that are patient specific, but they also provide that last critical review before a medication is dispensed. That assures that the appropriate medication is being prescribed in the appropriate dose for that species," says Krista Dickinson, Equine Internal Medicine/Critical Care veterinary technician.
"We stay ahead of the curve on new medicines, changed protocols, and drugs that are no longer available or only in limited quantities. Some unavailable drugs we can compound ourselves, as needed," said Paula Morgan, one of our registered pharmacists. The Pharmacy at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital is always busy, providing services for hospitalized patients in the small, large, and exotic animal sections, and outpatients.
Working with a variety of species requires more than just a broad scope of pharmaceutical knowledge. It requires an in-depth knowledge of therapeutics, law, and the compounding of drugs.
Pharmacists who work in veterinary pharmacies graduate from a professional degree program and complete a required number of internship hours before qualifying to take the pharmacy national exam. After passing the exam, they are registered pharmacists and receive licensure in the state where they practice. VTH Pharmacists Rick Allen, Paula Morgan, and Charleen Becker received their Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degrees from the University of Colorado's School of Pharmacy, a five-year program, and are registered in the state of Colorado. To maintain licensure, they fulfill annual continuing education requirements.
"We keep up with changes in pharmaceutical protocols, vaccine protocols, new drugs under review, and new human medications applicable to veterinary medicine," said Allen. "We have to stay current to provide the kind of quality care demanded by a modern veterinary hospital and our knowledgeable clients."
The Pharmacy team maintains memberships in nationally recognized professional organizations, attends national conferences, and networks with other veterinary teaching hospitals at veterinary colleges throughout North America.
The pharmacists also are skilled in preparing special nutritional support for very sick patients. These mixtures are tailored to the needs of the individual patient and are prepared and packaged by hand, under aseptic conditions in the Pharmacy.
"We work with the veterinarian to create the right combination of nutrients, based on a variety of factors," said Becker. "The preparation contains proteins, carbohydrates, multivitamins, and fats, but in appropriate proportions for the needs of that specific patient."
The primary goal of the hospital staff is returning a patient to good health. Each animal that comes to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital is considered to be unique and, as such, treatments, medications, and therapies are tailored specifically to the patient, not just the injury or disease. Working together, the pharmacy and hospital staff ensures every patient gets the very best care.

 A Vital Hospital Resource

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​Our registered pharmacists provide experienced and professional service in a timely manner. Read More...

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