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What is Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging?
Diagnostic imaging is the noninvasive method of making medical images of the body to diagnose disease. We have some of the most advanced imaging technologies available for our veterinary patients, of the same caliber found in a modern human hospital.
Our diagnostic imaging capabilities include the full breadth of modalities: Digital Radiology, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and PET-CT (positron emission computed tomography), I-131 Nuclear treatment, and small and large animal Nuclear studies. These services are run by our team of on-site, board-certified radiologists and experienced technological staff.
Our state-of-the-art equipment can serve the medical imaging needs of small companion animals (dogs and cats), large animals (including performance and sport horses, wool and fiber animals, cattle, and other farm animals), and exotic, avian, and zoo animals.
We collaborate with other areas of our hospital, such as Oncology and Small Animal Internal Medicine, to plan sophisticated treatments for pets with many types of illnesses or injuries.

Process of Interpreting Images

Our radiologists typically dictate imaging studies as soon as they are performed. The veterinarians at the CSU VTH frequently consult with us in person to get immediate interpretation of your pet's images, which are compiled into a written report and available to you the next day. All patients' images and reports are reviewed by our radiologists prior to final distribution to you.
All of our images are networked and stored in a picture archiving and communication system (called PACS). Requests for these images are scheduled, managed, and reports are made available through an electronic radiology information system (referred to as RIS).

Veterinary Students' Involvement in Our Diagnostics & Treatment

Our professional veterinary medical students interact with our radiologists and residents to obtain and interpret diagnostic quality radiographic and ultrasound studies, and participate in daily teaching rounds.
Our students assist in all aspects of performing the imaging studies for our patients and receive intensive imaging training as part of their veterinary curriculum.
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