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​March 2017 ​Employment changes
July 2016 ​Clinical Pathology hours, stats, and callbacks
Stago Coagulation Analyzer
New personnel
​November 2015

​ASVCP/ACVP Conference
Urine Dipstick Reader
Blood Gas Training Video
ABL Blood Gas Analyzer Move

​May 2015

​New staff
Lab supplies
Blood gases
Mislabeled samples

​October 2014

​New staff
Lab hours
Blood gases

April 2014

​Clinical Pathology Survey Results

September 2013

​New Staff
Hematology Polytech Communication System

January 2013

ASVCP Conference

June 2012

Emergency Fees

October 2011

Cobas Chemistry Analyzer
Reference Ranges

April 2011

Cytology charging
New chemistry analyzer

June 2010

Clinical Pathology staff updates

November 2009

After-hours drop-off

June 2009

Clinical Pathology Laboratory moves to DMC
Case example of a "lab error"

July 2007

Balanced heparin & blood gases: pre-analytical errors

March 2007

Chylous fluid analysis
Multiple tube draws

September 2006

Diagnostic tests specimen requirements
Biosafety in clinical pathology

February 2006

ABL 805 blood gas results
Coagulation: APTT reference intervals

October 2005

Purchasing supplies from our laboratory
Coagulation panels

June 2005

Clinical Pathology Laboratory hours & cutoff times
CE:Blood banking

February 2005

ABL 805 & Hemoximeter
Lipemia interferences

June 2004

Urine protein: dipstick vs. SSA

February 2004


August 2003

AT III testing

February 2003

Multiple myeloma interference in total bilirubin

June 2002

Bile acids procedure
New reference ranges

December 2001

Online cytology results
VTH patient information

April 2001

Sample collection tips
Emergency service requests

August 2000

STAT and ASAP requests

February 2000

V-BTA and FDP testing

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