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Our Specialized Equipment

Siemens Advia 120 Hematology Analyzer

Advia technology uses peroxidase staining, the gold standard in differential testing. This technology allows a secondary total white cell count that acts as an internal quality control check to monitor sample integrity. The Advia 120 also provides a six-parameter differential, direct measurements of intracellular hemoglobin, accurate platelet counts, and onboard​ reticulocyte counts.

Roche Cobas c501 Serum Chemistry Analyzer

The Cobas c501 Analyzer provides an integrated clinical chemistry testing platform. The sample probe provides clot detection and liquid level detection. The reaction disc has ultrasonic mixing which reduces maintenance and carry-over potential. This analyzer also provides quantitative serum indices for hemolysis, lipemia, and icterus that can provide a clue to the presence of intravascular hemolysis, triglycerides, and liver dysfunction, as well as signal potential subsequent interferences on results.​

Stago Compact MAX

Offers mechanical testing method (i.e. detection of clot formation) for PT/aPTT/AT III/quantitative fibrinogen and optical testing method for D-Dimer.

ABL800/90 FLEX Blood Gas Analyzer​

The ABL800 FLEX measures any combination of pH, blood gas, electrolyte, oximetry, and metabolite parameters.​

Sebia Hydrasys

The Hydrasys platform is used for agarose gel-based electrophoresis and immunofixation of serum and urine samples.​

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