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VTH Blood Bank

​The Veterinary Teaching Hospital Blood Bank supplies our patients with:

  • Canine and feline whole blood
  • Canine packed red blood cells
  • Canine fresh frozen plasma

Blood from our blood bank is provided for in-hospital canine and feline patients needing transfusions. Some commons areas in which blood may be needed are:


 Can My Pet Donate Blood?

We are always looking for greyhound donors. So give us a call. Most of our donors are faculty and students.
Potential donors first will have a blood screening and blood typing. Routine blood work and infectious disease testing are performed to determine if a donor will be admitted to the program (donors do not incur any expense for this testing).
Please call (970) 297-5000 for more information.

Note: Our blood bank does not provide blood for sale.

Where Does The Blood Come From?

Our blood bank is stocked with blood from owner-volunteered and health-screened dogs and cats. We use greyhound donors from the community and dogs and cats owned by staff and students.

Greyhounds are the most desirable canine blood donors. Greyhounds have an especially dense red blood cell count and a higher prevalence of A negative blood type. A negative blood type is rare in the general canine population. Upon further DNA testing we can determine if the dog is a universal blood donor. We rely on the generosity of greyhounds and their owners in the local community to donate this type of blood.

We also stock A positive canine blood type.

Our feline blood donors are volunteered by the staff and students of our hospital. Since most cats are A blood type, we regularly stock this blood type. Feline B blood type is available upon request.

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Questions or Donation Information:
(970) 297-5000