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Frequently Asked Questions

​How do I know my pet is ready for pet hospice?

CSU Pet Hospice typically serves patients diagnosed with a terminal illness having three months or less to live. When the goal of treatment begins to shift from curing the illness to providing comfort, it is time to consider hospice.

What major services are provided by the CSU Pet Hospice volunteers?

  • ​To act as a liaison among the client, their pet, and the veterinarian.

  • To provide emotional support and education for the family.

  • To assist the veterinarian and client with wellness assessment of the pet.

What services are not provided by CSU Pet Hospice volunteers?

Hospice care is not intended for chronic diseases without a terminal diagnosis. Volunteers do not perform euthanasia.

Who are the CSU Pet Hospice volunteers?

The CSU Pet Hospice volunteers are a group of specially trained professional veterinary students from Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital. A team of two volunteers is normally assigned to each pet. They work to facilitate your animal's comfort and are supervised by your veterinarian.

How much does CSU Pet Hospice cost?

There is no charge for our services. Your veterinarians, however, will charge an appropriate fee for the services they provide.

Where is CSU Pet Hospice located?

CSU Pet Hospice care is provided for your pet in your own home. This program is intended for those that live within a 30-minute radius of Fort Collins. The CSU Pet Hospice Program is coordinated by the Argus Institute at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

How can I receive these services for my pet?

Ask your veterinarian to refer you to our program. See if your veterinarian is part of our program.

Or, contact us for more information: (970) 219-7335.

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