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Our Equipment
To be able to provide the kind of specialized and dedicated anesthesia and pain management services that we do, we use a variety of equipment.
Our equipment lets us monitor a wide range of your pet's vitals beyond just heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature, and provide anesthesia and pain management via a variety of methods. Because of our equipment, we can personalize our services for nearly any type of pet or medical situation.
  • Nerve block locator
  • Pulse oximetry
    Using a small infrared sensor, we can monitor the hemoglobin-oxygen saturation in blood. The sensor also provides evidence of pulsatile blood flow where the probe is placed.
  • Gas monitoring (capnograph, gas analyzer)
  • Blood gas analyzer
  • Ventilators
    A ventilator blows air into the airways and lungs through a breathing tube. This is used to ensure that, even under anesthesia, your pet is breathing at a normal rate.

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Veterinary Teaching Hospital
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If you have a question about your animal's anesthesia or pain management, please ask the veterinarian assigned to your case.