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Student Star Performer Awards & Quotes

​Thea Bey

"Thea did an amazing job with Zag. She called every night for three weeks to see how she was doing, if she was responding to treatment, and to consider alternatives that might help Zag get better. She went above and beyond to help make the process as easy as possible for us. She was always considerate and thoughtful when listening to my concerns and ideas about treatment. She made me feel like an important part of the treatment team for my dog."

- A very grateful client

I nominate Thea Bey for the Student Star Performer award. She is a rock star! Thea works tirelessly as a fourth-year student and as an hourly employee in Urgent Care. She is very compassionate with the clients and patients and is always learning. The clients love her! Thank you Thea for all you do!


 What is the Student Star Performer Award?


Our students play a critical role in the care of not only the patients at the VTH, but also the care of the families that entrust their animals with us. We want to celebrate our students' dedication to the patients, families, and the VTH.

This monthly award will be given to the student that demonstrates excellent customer service, is an outstanding team member, conducts themselves in a professional manner, displays a consistently positive attitude, and is a role model for all! The students are nominated by colleagues, clinicians, staff, and clients. For more detailed information about this award, please visit the Student Star Performer nomination page.

If you would like to nominate a DVM student for the Student Star Performer Award, please email Senesa Stinebaugh.

​Karla Schultz

Karla Schults is our Student Star Performer this month and she is so deserving of this award. This comment came from very grateful clients: "She was amazing and I just want everyone to know how great she is." These owners went on to express to our staff that  they were so thankful for the kindness, compassion, and dedication that she showed for their dog Porter, saying it touched their hearts - and that they could tell how much she truly cared.

​Natalie Heil

Having spent a couple of weeks on rotation with Natalie, it quickly became evident that she truly cares arbout each and every patitent and is so eager to learn everything she can while on that rotation. She has a great energy level and never stops smiling. Her interactions with clients goes above and beyond and she is a rock-star about doing updates either in-person or by phone by her clients. As I see her in the hallways on other rotations, she is still wearing that smile - go Natalie!

Victoria Wingler

"I was impressed and touched by the care and compassion Tory showed to my little guy. She seemed to truly care about him, and even went so far as to ask how his sister was doing. I was even more impressed when she called me to follow up, as no other student has done that before. You can tell she genuinely cares about her patients."

​John Dwan

"Future Dr. Dwan showed excellent patient care and client communication during Stuart Little Young's recent hospitalization. On clinics, he is 100% reliable, invested in his patient's outcome, and eager to help the whole team have a fun, efficient, and productive day. Goes above and beyond."

Valerie Ropiak

"Val is a compassionate, thorough, and collaborative peer. She did a wonderful job managing a tough medical case and provided excellent patient care. She not only kept the owners up-to-date but went out of her way to keep others who had worked on the case with her informed about the patient's progress. These are all traits that I know will make her an amazing clinician that is able to support her clients, work well with her colleagues, and advocate for patient well-being."

Sabrina Garcia

Sabrina is a rock-star; no other word can describe her dedication and perseverance. In order to overcome her fear of horses she challenged herself by signing up to track mixed animal medicine. Sabrina took on three critical colic patients within a 24-hour period. She cam an hour and a half earl each day in order to get her treatments done and continued to work up until rounds discussions. Each day when her treatments were finished, she would check with everyone on rotation to see if they needed help. Her genuine nature and her communication skills truly was a blessing to the clients. I cannot express how much she deserves this award. 

Samantha Mitchell

From a client: "We arrived Monday morning and were greeted by Samantha minutes after we arrived. She was kind, and attentive to our back story. She was great with my daughter who can be puppy obsessed and very prompt in returning with the team she had clearly informed because we jumped right in. She also was reliable and timely with updating us on what was happening with our dog during his entire visit and checking in on him once we returned home. Thank you Sam! You will be a wonderful veterinarian!​"

Becca Timmons

"The student star performer award recognizes Becca for her exceptional leadership in the area of health and wellbeing. In addition to being on the task force during her busy 4th year, she has gone above and beyond in working with faculty and college leadership to advocate for student self-care. As a student advocate and leader she has helped develop new protocols, gotten student feedback, and shaped our culture. She has dealt with difficult topics in a very professional manner.​"​

Genevieve Forster

"Genevieve provides extraordinary customer service. 'Posey’s' mom made a special trip into the Veterinary Teaching Hospital to recognize and thank Genevieve. She said that Genevieve kept her well informed, she was kind and compassionate making the visit a wonderful experience.​"​

Isabel Salinas

"Isabel Salinas will do very well in this profession. She is very organized, stays on task, and never shies away from challenging cases or clients. She has a great easy going personality, amazing smile, and seems to bring everyone's spirits up when she is on a rotation. Clients seek her out and staff are always excited to have her on their service!"​

Haley McClure

"We can always count on Haley! She is always accountable. Haley is excellent at communicating with her needs as well as being willing to help out a fellow student when needed. She is very compassionate and cares about her patients. She is a happy person and it is contagious to everyone she is around!"

Kelly Arthur

"I was very impressed by Kelly’s enthusiastic desire to learn RisPacs and use it on her new Macintosh computer. She took the time to set up an appointment, learn, and take notes. I thought that she had the right idea and that she wanted to be well prepared when she was with a patient and a client. She wanted to make sure that computer issues did not become a distraction. This kind of initiative shows a dedication that we appreciate and we think it will make her time on the clinic floor more meaningful."

Jessica Carie

"After a long overnight shift, I came in on February 16 and discovered that Jessica was brushing her patient, a pony named "Pumpkin Spice." While we have many great students that provide excellent patient care, I would consider this level of detail and enthusiasm above and beyond! I was very moved that she cared enough to go this extra distance."

Katie Seavey

Katie is recognized for her outstanding performance by being named “Student Star Performer." Katie can be counted on for her attention to detail. She takes patient care very seriously. Her client communication skills are outstanding and she has a genuine compassion for both her clients and her patients.​​

Travis Linney

"TRAVIS IS AN OUTSTANDING STUDENT and groovy all around person. He is extremely hard working. He is ready and willing to help in any situation without being pushed or taking over. He provided excellent customer service to everyone he helps patients, clients or anyone in the hospital. He is extremely smart and eager to learn more from the nursing staff as well, with no ego. He volunteers to help with advanced procedures such as ventilation or dialysis cases without prompting. I'm very bummed he will not be staying on for an internship."

​Abby Don

"Abby consistently has a positive attitude, is supportive of her peers, is inquisitive about cases, and is great about case/client follow-up. Truly an asset to the field, at her insistence a FNA was performed on a presumed benign swelling and it was diagnosed as a mesenchymal neoplasm."

​Katie Powell

"Fourth year student Katie Powell did an outstanding job assisting Dr. Rebecca Ruch-Gallie in the recent care of our dog Sophie at the VTH. Her caring, clinical competency, and communication were excellent. Katie's follow-up call to check on Sophie's progress was also very reassuring. Three cheers for Katie!"

Andrea Richter

January 2015

"What to say about​ Andrea? She's great! Her communication style really sets her apart; genuine and caring with the client and funny and upbeat with appropriate." "Andrea is always willing to lend a hand and works hard for the team. We appreciate Andrea and her awesome attitude!"

Katie Cox

December 2014

"Katherine displays excellent communication skills. She navigated a very sensitive case beautifully. Her foresight allowed her to create support for herself and the family. Great job, Katherine!" We are thankful for what you do each and every day. 

Patrick Hunt

November 2014

Patrick Hunt has been instrumental in the Clinical Pathology computer conversion, which has allowed the Clinical Pathology results to bypass the Chimera system and go directly into VetPoint. He immediately made this huge project his own! He learned the entire polytech software system and all the setup that needed to occur prior to implementing this change. he has been excellent at troubleshooting problems that have arose in both the testing environment and in the live environment. His dedication and loyalty to this project made it possible. 

Tim Kloer

October 2014

Tim Kloer is a Rock Star Performer. He consistently goes above and beyond on every case he sees. His communication with clients, fellow students, faculty, and staff are flawless. He is a very hard worker and takes pride in all he does and how he represents our hospital. "Due to his caring nature and skills it is obvious that he will go very far in his career."

Justim Pochman

September 2014

"Justin's positive, can do, attitude shines through in everything he does. He is calm and cool under fire and navigates stressful situations with confidence. Justin takes his responsibilities seriously and his clients and the VTH staff enjoy interacting with him. He is going to be a great veterinarian!"

Kelly Kirkley

August 2014

"Kelly truly went above and beyond and embraced the concept of case ownership and care. Numerous times she took time to truly understand her cases so that she could care for them in the best possible way. She is wonderful to work with and offers support to her whole team. She is one of a kind!"

Abby Sadowski

July 2014

"Attention to details and reviewing past records."

"Strong clinical reasoning skills."

"Concern and compassionate communication."

"Timely communication, follow-up, and updates."

"Following the patient's progress post-op and staying with the case."

Michelle Block

April 2014
"Michelle is excellent in her client care, complete with her medical records and follow-up. Additionally, she came early and stayed late to make sure things got taken care of."
"Michelle spent time teaching our new 3rd year students. She has exceptional personal and professional skills with a positive can-do attitude."

Blair Holwegner​

February 2014

"Blair is a Total Package superstar! I have seen Blair reassure an anxious client, calm a nervous pet and clean up diarrhea in the reception area without missing a beat. Clients appreciate her calm, confident, and professional manner. She has an excellent way of communicating with compassion and understanding."
"Staff appreciates her willingness to help and her positive attitude."

"She makes it all look easy!" 

Lily Parkinson

December 2013

"Lily's knowledge base is extraordinary. Even more significant, is that she is not just book smart, but can effectively apply her knowledge." 

"Her focus, commitment, and care for her patients surpass what is typically done."

"She is always dependable, anticipating what is required and having everything ready before hand."​

"Lily is a joyous person, considerate and professional. She inspires others to be better."

Mike Deogracias

November 2013

"Amazing, well-written discharges - easy for owner to understand. Very involved in current events and activities in the hospital."

"Always positive and willing to help any fellow students, including people not on his service. Always groomed and professionally dressed."

"Both medicine and surgery residents have commended his patient care."

James Grant

October 2013

"Fantastic job managing a very busy schedule, he took ownership of the cases."

"James has a great attitude, is a super hard worker and provides excellent patient care. He helped to elevate the team."

"James did an outstanding job taking care of my dog and continues to follow-up with me."

​Chi Ya Chen

August 2013

"Chi Ya is a true professional."

"She always has a positive attitude and is willing to help anybody in any circumstance." "She is a pleasure to work with."

"Great team member, Chi Ya is flexible and dependable."

Ana Bascunan

July 2013

"Ana is so generous with her time and she is a great teacher to her colleagues. Her knowledge level is outstanding!"

"Works very well as part of a team and embraces taking ownership of the cases."

"Even when we are stressed, she maintains her professionalism and treats her animal patients with tenderness. She is friendly, patient, and accommodating."

Tracy Keppel-Kolb

June 2013

"Tracy is always willing to step in and help in any way she can. She is wonderful with her clients, kind and gentle with their pets, and is one of the most hard working and caring individuals I have met."

"Twice Tracy has gone to goodwill and purchased towels to donate."

"She is always friendly to everyone and willing to help."

"She not only cleans up after herself but is willing to clean up after others."

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