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Star Performers & Nomination Quotes

​Rachel Acciacca

Dr. Rachel Acciacca is outstanding at encompassing all of the values held at the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital. She is attentive and thorough with each of her patients to ensure that she is providing the best possible care. Rachel treats every client with the utmost respect, professionalism, and sensitivity while recognizing the client's difficult circumstance that has brought their pet to CCS. Rachel is a pleasure to work with and she is a valued part of the hospital team.


 What Does the Gold Star Mean?

​You might notice a growing number of our employees wearing a gold star.
The monthly Star Performance award is a way to recognize the outstanding commitment demonstrated by team members who consistently exceed expectations in the performance of their duties.
They are nominated by colleagues, supervisors, students and clients. Many of our Star Performers work their magic behind the scenes, where most clients do not see them, but they are all an integral part of our vision to provide the best care possible.
If you would like to nominate a VTH staff member for the Star Performance award please contact Senesa Stinebaugh at and view the Star Performance Nomination Information.

​Amy Rodriguez

Amy has taken a lot of the service responsibilities. She feels a real sense of responsibility to the section, the service we provide, and of course to the well-being of the staff. In addition she tried to keep all the faculty happy, which given the diversity in approch to things and everyone's individual needs, can be challenging. At heart, she wants to please and I think she does a tremendous job managing all that she does.

​Lauren Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan was nominated for Star Performer for her care of the Brown family with Annabel. The owners  would tell me how great she was on a daily basis and how she understood what they needed. She certainly made a difference for this family and her efforts were greatly appreciated.

​Sandra Larson

“I spent a week sharing an office with her, and I am amazed at the amount of work she gets done in a day. She is very thorough and proficient without ever seeming stressed. She handles a variety of calls, and always maintains a professional demeanor with even the most difficult of clients. She would apologize that I
would have to hear her be stern with people, but all I would hear was a calm and professional tone of voice. She juggles multiple records and consults, and seems to keep track of all of
them without getting frazzled. She never would come across as rushed talking to people, but would still manage to handle the calls in a proficient and timely manner. She deserves recognition for doing a difficult job with

Sara Wennogle

"Dr. Sara Wennogle is a phenomenal veterinarian that worked with us on a complicated case. Dr. Wennogle has gone way out of her way to do a super job - we have never been so impressed or so well taken care of. She treated us wonderfully and we really appreciated her help."

​Tracy Wangler

"Tracy is consistently striving for excellence in all that she does for the Clinical Pathology Laboratory as well as the VTH. She is an exceptional educator and trains all staff with a smile on her face. She ensures all lab analyzers are working at peak performance sometimes staying late or being called on for assistance in troubleshooting off hours. Her dedication to her position is evident in her actions every day! She is an essential component of our Clinical Pathology team and we are one lucky group to have her!"​

Anthony Nguyen

"Anthony is a great tech and has consistently demonstrated servant leadership. He performs all advanced imaging modalities (Nuc Med, CT, and MRI) and offers his assistance on Radiology when he is slow. He maintains a cheerful, helpful attitude and willingly helps where he can. He communicates pro-actively and works well with faculty, other departments like Anesthesia, Neurology, and Equine Services. He has been here only about one year but is already seen as a leader by his peers, residents, and faculty.

Maggie Curran 

"Maggie is always taking care of areas in the hospital that aren't necessarily her areas, just to be helpful. She maintains the cleanliness and appearance of the hospital."
"Always goes above and beyond to help out. Offers help when she notices an opportunity. She is very pleasant."
"Maggie always goes above and beyond her duties. She is always cheerful to students and staff. I can always tell when she comes through CCU because it's very clean!"
"Maggie is always upbeat, helpful, and friendly. Maggie is great!"
"Maggie is always on top of it and just a phenomenal person!" 

​Lindsay Carroll

Lindsay Carroll earned her Veterinary Technician Oncology Specialty designation! The long hours spent preparing and studying for this exam did not impact the quality of work we have come to expect from Lindsay. She consistently provides compassionate care for her patients and is extremely dedicated to both the patient and the client. Lindsay is a great communicator and pushes herself to be the best that she can be. We thank Lindsay for bringing he passion and hard work to the VTH.

​Amy Pagel

What an amazing nurse! Amy provides such excellent patient care, she takes care of the patient from the moment they arrive in anesthesia until the recovery process. She is kind and provides individualized care to all patients that she works with. She is very invested in seeing that her patients do well while under anesthesia - from providing proper pain management to literlaly saving lives by providing prompt and proper life saving measures during their procedures - she does it all. Amy is very committed to her patients and they are so lucky to have her caer.

Most recently was a dog undergoing major heart surgery that Amy managed flawlessly for many hours (these are very hard cases to manage). She also helped save a dog's life today that experienced blood loss...its her job, but I honestly think her quick response to the situation is what saved this dog's life.

Marci Stille

Every year in March and May, Marci works with camelid producers to organize a production camelid gelding day and a camelid shearing day at the VTH. These activities not only provide helpful services for the camelid clients, but engage DVM students from all classes to help and learn common procedures including castration, foot trims, dental exams, vaccinations, deworming and other practices. This takes a lot of extra time, much of it on Marci's own time. Marci does this extra work for the pure joy of serving our clients and providing teaching opportunities for the students. Wonderful comments from producers and students were included with this nomination.

Lonna Jensen

Lonna has recently transitioned into many additional responsibilities after the departure of the VDI lead technologist. Lonna has enthusiastically taken on the challenge of coordinating the upcoming renovation of multiple x-ray rooms, which involves building relationships with Chad Alexander and CSU facilities, representatives from Toshiba Imaging, the CSU radiation safety office, and representatives from Vet Rocket to care for our imaging plates. She has maintained this communication in a very timely manner and has been very accountable to the veterinary radiologists in communicating the progress. This is a significant renovation to maintain excellent imaging capabilities for the VTH, and Lonna has exceeded expectations in handling these additional duties!

Dr. Geoff Heffner

Our team would like to nominate Dr. Heffner for the CSU VTH Employee Star Performer. Dr. Heffner has not been here long, but he certainly has "kicked it up a notch" in the CCS area. His willingness to be on the floor/in the room when on clinics while continually interacting/teaching (staff, interns, residents, students) is ideal and we all gain so much from these interactions. He is an amazing teacher and does so in a safe and supportive way, always challenging, but in a kind and thoughtful manner.  He wants every student to learn not only from their case, but from each other’s case. On busy days, he is calm and keeps the cases flowing, often stepping in to take cases that are less of a learning case for the sake of creating good client service and keeping the cases moving along. His client service skills and communications skills are well honed.  We are lucky to have a clinician of this caliber in our hospital!​​​

Will Hadla

March 2017

Will Hadla is an IT Service developer. He has been responsible for insuring that the mission critical VTH month end reporting processes are accomplished successfully. This happens at a specific time in the evening on the last day of each month and he has been doing this since 2012. This means interruptions to many weekends, holidays, and vacations. He logs into 4GL, kicks off the process, waits, and then sends emails to interested parties once the work is completed successfully. He is an exemplary employee.​

Andrew Simpson

February 2017

Andrew is positive, helpful, caring. He's the vet I would want for my own animals. No degree of case of client challenge is too tall. He offers kind care no matter the circumstances. I want to clone him and work with him always! He provides service with a smile, is very agreeable, helpful to anyone who has a problem or question. He is consistently helpful and never in a bad mood. Patient, intelligent teacher. Awesome team player. Dr. Simpson is the example of a perfect resident. Kind and caring to co-workers, clients, and animals. Dr. Simpson will always say yes to seeing another appointment or consultation." 

Senesa Stinebaugh

August 2016

"Senesa is a valuable asset to our hospital. She is incredibly devoted to making this hospital successful. She has a great knowledge of the staff, departments, and veterinary medicine. She is very personable with the patients and staff and is always smiling. She always goes above and beyond to get things done!​"

Henrietta Bauer-Gately

July 2016

"The sample processing position in Clinical Pathology is the face of the laboratory. Few people enter the world of the laboratory, but everyone talks to the lovely ladies of the window. Henrietta’s calm demeanor, warm smile and compassionate voice welcome everyone, whether in person or on the phone. Her customer service skills are finely honed because she enjoys helping people and their pets. Henrietta has seen an incredible amount of change in the workload of clinical pathology in her six years in Clin Path. She has adapted to numerous versions of our information system, has had to change the accessioning protocol every time the lab has gone ‘live’ with results directly to VetPoint, has had to become a master of Chimera, and has had to handle the overwhelming cytology requests that flood in our door. The pathologists rely heavily on Henrietta’s organization and mastery of the workflow in order to stay efficient and effective. The techs groan if she’s ill or decides to take a vacation day. Henrietta keeps Clin Path humming!"​

Sheri Hankins

June 2016

"Sheri has demonstrated and exceeds in every category of the VTH values everyday!  She plays such a huge role in the hospitals operations. Although Sheri does not work directly with clients and patients on a regular basis , the compassion and support she lends to all the services in the VTH with their ordering needs is outstanding! She is quick to respond to emails and questions. Sheri deals with multiple vendors and their representatives on a daily basis and is able to keep everything in order and everyone happy. Sheri knows exactly what is going on and keeps track of every order. She is always so great to work with and we are very thankful and grateful she is on our team!"

Diana Wood

May 2016

"Diana always has a smile on her face and is more than happy and willing to help anybody who asks for her assistance. She is happy to drop what she is doing to consult about a patient in need. We know we can always call her if we need to purchase anything from her department and she’s quick to help. She is very knowledgeable within her department and shows a lot of confidence within her field! She’s excellent at communicating anything we need to know about her patients, doctors or anything about our area that needs to be known. She’s a pleasure to be around and an asset to our hospital."​

Valerie Hamilton

April 2016

"I am nominating Valerie because of her diligent and independent over-the-top efforts to keep track of DOSS's financial staus. Valerie has continued to perform optimally with all her duties while taking on an additional 5-7 hours/week of literally being the DOSS financial officer." "Every charge is accounted for and on bills"..."Talks to company reps to get us the best prices"..."She is single-handedly responsible for the improvement in DOSS's financial upward trend"..."We all worked hard to see more patients, but Val kept us on track and held our feet to the fire."​

Desiree Ringer

March 2016

"Desiree is the best - smart, helpful, thorough, and dependable - she sees what needs to be done and finds a way to do it, smiling and willing and unobtrusive as well. She takes pride in her work and understands how important her work is to the client's VTH experience. Do you think we could clone her?" 

Sandy Eggleston

February 2016
"Sandy is an amazing Radiology Technologist. She is always willing to help and the care that she takes with our patients is what we should all strive for. Even when it is busy she takes the time to really teach the students with care and compassion. Sandy has been doing her good work for many years and I think that she deserves to be recognized as a Star Performer. When I look at the VTH values I can check off each one as a value Sandy represents."

Dr. Sandy Allen

January 2016

"Dr. Allen is the hardest working person that I know. She is the first to arrive and the last to leave. She is always positive and provides a pleasant working environment. She always greets you with a smile. Dr. Allen is the rock of the anesthesia services—she is what makes us great!" "Dr. Allen’s outstanding performance is a daily occurrence. Examples of her outstanding performance can be witnessed and appreciated whenever you have an interaction with her. She is what makes this hospital tick, everyday she provides a can do attitude that is infectious to everybody."​

Lauren Thompson

December 2015

"Lauren is part of the rarely seen, but invaluable team that helps keep our hospital clean. Lauren clearly goes the extra distance by leaving little sticky notes on my desk, wishing me a great day or a good week. Isn’t she thoughtful! If everyone had the kind nature of Lauren to think of others and wish them well, the world would be a better place! I’m sure our hospital is better because of Lauren, my day certainly is!"​

Stevi Burns

November 2015

"Stevi goes above and beyond to make Central Supply’s job easier. Time and time again, Stevi has e-mailed or written out lists of orthopedic plates and screws used in surgeries, giving us a welcome double check. Stevi also makes sure we know what kind of surgery day to expect and does all she can to make our day smoother. We appreciate her and all the LAS crew so much."

Hollie Ellis

October 2015

"Hollie is an extremely hard worker —she won’t stop until the work is done. She is always looking out for the patient. Hollie provides the best in patient care and in my opinion goes above a beyond. She is a fun person to work with, while getting the job done." "Hollie single-handedly reconfigured our cost analysis center and instituted our new fee structure. She has observed dogs in Anes. Holding—just not "acting right," her keen observation and  communication helped to save the patient’s life." "She cares about what she does and it shows!" 

Dr. John Romano

September 2015

"Dr. Romano consistently goes above and beyond in the performance of his duties. On many (many!) occasions he has come into the hospital in the middle of the night to take care of raccoons and other wildlife. This not only helps the animal but it also helps his fellow clinicians. Dr. Romano takes client communication and customer service very seriously and is willing to go the extra step to make sure that client expectations are met. The compassion that he has and shows to his patients and his clients is impressive. All that and a great sense of humor too!"

Lugene Jackson

August 2015
"Lugene is everywhere when she works! She sees what needs to be done or where help is needed, and off she goes! She is the complete team player, and her co-workers know that when Lugene is working that they won’t be left to struggle. Her willingness to tackle a new project or learn a new task is so appreciated. You can ask anything of Lugene and it will get done and get done well." "Lugene’s outlook on work and life is reflected in her great sense of humor. When Lugene works, everyone smiles and laughs. Work is fun." "Lugene is a very motivated and committed employee. She never misses a lab meeting or a lab function, unless she is on vacation. Her input is greatly respected and her opinions are important. She contributes CE topics for all of us to share. All this, and she’s only half-time!​"

Alexa Pickles

July 2015

"Alexa has an infectious, positive, and hilarious personality! This makes working with her so much fun. She is professional, hard-working, and excellent communicator, and is always helpful. Today she saved our patient during a seizure. But, everyday she kicks it!"​

​Sam Gould

June 2015  

"Sam always has a smile on her face with a can do attitude. With Sam in charge of our surgical Oncology patients, we never have to worry about missing any procedures that need done on our patients. She is an asset to Small Animal Surgery and Oncology. We are so grateful for her follow through with staff, patients, and clients. Our hospital is lucky to have her!"​ 

Laura Southworth

May 2015

"Laura is very dedicated to her patients, to the clients but also to being part of the team. She often stays late for patients coming out of surgery. Her client work has been outstanding. She is so patient in explaining home exercises, going over treatment plans. It is such a joy to have her working with us." 

​Kyle Jean

April 2015

"Over the past week Kyle has double checked my scripts, he comes directly to me when I make mistakes, ALWAYS with a smile, positive attitude, and kind disposition. He is unbelievably helpful and always goes out of his way to make our lives easier. This has happened multiple times this week." Kyle, thanks for your ongoing commitment to excellence."

Geno Taylor

February 2015

“Geno is smart, insightful, and able to adapt to new situations quickly. He's also got a great sense of humor and an aspiring beard!"
"Geno’s smile and friendly hello brightens my day. I appreciate his can do attitude and I look forward to seeing him in the hallways."

​Kathie Sexton

January 2015

Kathie is instrumental in so many good ways at the VTH. She plans and participates in all of our hospital appreciation events (this includes moving tables and cleaning gobs of food!). Kathie assists with the organization and success of the majority of events held at the VTH. What impresses me most is her "can do" attitude and the breadth of her knowledge. She can be in the middle of Hospital Appreciation Week and if I need something and wonder into her office, she helps me! And she does it with a smile! I never feel like I am burdening Kathie even though, I'm sure, there are occasions when she is too busy for my request.

Kathie is a true gem at the VTH.

Molly Vitt

December 2014

Molly took the time to clean all of the feces from the patient dog walk area by the Animal Cancer Center. This was not Molly's job (Molly is actually a volunteer working in Orthopedics). Molly's action exemplifies her dedication to the VTH values by caring for patients and allowing them to have a clean area to go to the bathroom. It also shows her commitment to helping all of us be the best we can be. "Thank you so much Molly for your hard work!" 

Brendan Boostrom

November 2014

"Dr. Boostrom is a Star Performer award due to exemplary care he provides both his patients and clients. He is one of the genuinely nicest people I have ever encountered at the VTH. He always says help and asks how you are doing. He never seems rushed and takes his time answering questions from clients, students, and staff alike. There is no job beneath him and he has been seen on more than one occasion with a mop in hand cleaning up a mess in the lobby or swiffering an exam room. His clients who can't remember his name refer to him as "that super nice red headed Oncology Doctor". Thank you very much Dr. Boostrom for your hard work!"

Shelly Kuhne

October 2014

"Shelly has really put the time and energy into the grass beds and it really shows. It's obvious, Shelly is very much invested in this task and knows the importance of these beds and how much our patients will gain from fresh grass. She is passionate about her duties and proud of her work." "I am extremely impressed with Shelly's understanding of what great customer service is about! She, sincerely, cares about our clients and it shows in her work." "Thank you very much Shelly for your hard work!" 

Juliette Hart

September 2014
"Always friendly, helpful, she has a positive attitude." "Dr. Hart is a team player." "Helps consult in Urgent Care without question. Takes on work to lighten other loads." "She created an Excel program, on her own time, to help supervisors organize the employee time clock data!" 

Amy Joesten

August 2014
"Amy values teamwork, patient care, client serivce, and student training - this assessment is something that I see played out every day in her actions." Amy created a new discharge for the Ortho. clients, it includes pictures of their pet and pre-/post-op rads, even scoping pictures..."Now that's awesome - a true Star Performer!" "She maintains the highest standards of care." A client wrote, "Amy is a godsend...she truly embodies what it means to be a CARE GIVER."

Jessica Brand

July 2014

Multiple services/departments have commented on how "amazing" and "awesome" Jessica has been to work with and that she exceeded their expectations when completing work requests. Customers have been especially impressed with the solutions that she comes up with and the quality of her work. She listens intently to and works closely with our customers to complete their requests in the most effective/least invasive manor possible, and builds positive working relationships with them in the process.

Andi Lear 

June 2014
"Andi is always enthusiastic and caring for all her patients and their owners. She is not afraid to take that extra step to show how much she cares. "Andi helped an owner with a difficult case and helped the owner understand what to expect and how to care for the animal at home. She answered all of their questions thoroughly. They appreciated her time and kindness."

Shawn Thompson

May 2014

I came to Ms. Thompson early this morning with a question I had regarding stocking of Cubex. Next thing I know, Ms. Thompson graciously offered to help. This would have been a long, arduous task without her experience, knowledge, and pleasant attitude. Because of the time she took with us today (several hours), it will help us all in the long run be able to have a great understanding of the ordering and placement that needs to be done with this new system. This is also a good reminder of what "team-work" is all about. I am new here and thrilled to have yet another great role model.

David Czerniak

April 2014

"Dave enthusiastically exceeds expectations for each student he serves during these labs. Also, he is kind and helpful." "Dave is consistently invaluable to (often grouchy) junior students. He is always pleasant and professional, never complains and provides immeasurable support to students and faculty." "He works really hard in the lab to give us a real surgical experience." "Builds relationships and goes the extra mile."

Carolann Gerhard

March 2014

"Carolann is recognized by all in the department as the hardest worker hands down!" She consistently looks for ways to improve processes and paperwork, and already has the job half done before anyone else can volunteer. Her work ethic is infectious, and her 40+ years of experience as a medical technologist in both human and veterinary medicine just makes her more valuable.

Kim Niles ​- Critical Care/Urgent Care

February 2014

"Kim constantly provides exemplary patient care while effectively and humorously helping and teaching those around her. I trust her to care for my patients and her communication skills are excellent. She develops a bond with her patients and asks thought provoking questions. Kim is an excellent teacher to both the clinicians and students."​​

Dr. Leah Ferguson - Internal Medicine 

October 2013

"Dr. Ferguson with Internal Medicine is outstanding." "Best medical service she has ever received (human or animal)." "Leah Ferguson was incredibly compassionate to me and very skilled in caring for our cat." "I would like to THANK Dr. Leah Ferguson for her kindness, attentiveness, accessibility and awareness of what is best for my dog and myself. She has worked miracles and I appreciate her very much!"​

​Terri Ward - Medical Records

September 2013

"Terri is wonderful to work with. She is always looking out for the best interest of the VTH and does not hesitate to help fix problems with medical records." "Terri has such a welcoming attitude; I always feel like I am her top priority." "She has a wealth of knowledge and great sense of humor. She consistently demonstrates integrity, respect and accountability."

Jennifer Gold - Equine Medicine Service

August 2013

"Dr. Gold provides exceptional care and compassion towards the horses and clients she sees." "She is a thrill to work with and a breath of fresh air! She is always there with a helping hand, and puts residents and students' learning first!" "She goes above and beyond answering rDVM and client questions." "Can't thank her enough!" 

Kelly Adducci - Orthopaedic Services

July 2013
"She clearly sees the care of people and pets as more than her is her mission. She is a wonderful liaison between services and the VTH front desk." "She never treats a caller as #4 on my list of 8 calls." "She gets the concept that customer service is an action and attitude rather than a job title." "Can juggle 50 things at once without breaking a sweat, and is so fun to work with!"

Jennifer Campbell – Client Services

June 2013

Jen does her magic in our Client Service Department. Her nominators said: “Jen is super-fast and helps every client to the best of her ability. She puts extreme effort into making sure that every client gets the correct charges and that everything is fair.” “When I ask Jen to call a client I know that they will be treated with respect and courtesy no matter how difficult the call may be.” “She is an asset to this facility.”

Tracy Greenwalt - Dermatology Technician

May 2013

"Our clients love Tracy." "She is everywhere, doing everything and just making it work!" "Recently she was invaluable in moving and setting up the student lab."

Jen Tucker - Small Animal Surgery Technician

April 2013

"Her student evaluations are always full of praise and gratitude for the work she does." "Jen always comes to work with a pleasant, 'can-do' attitude that is focused upon service and the best possible patient care." "Great team work, extremely reliable, and easy to work with." "No doubt, Jen Tucker is a star."

John Gerwig - Bioinstrumentation

March 2013

"John has consistently, over the years, saved our department money by troubleshooting problems with equipment and analyzers, finding reliable parts that were more affordable than ordering from the manufacturer, and saving us additional monies by installing parts rather than calling in a Field Service Engineer." "We always call John *first*, before calling service." "His working knowledge of all things mechanical and electronic is absolutely indispensable to the VTH." "John is very skilled, he can fix anything! If you asked John to fix something he has it back and working the next day."

Rani Veeramachaneni - Medical Records

February 2013

"Rani works with an outstanding level of integrity; she makes me want to be and do better." "Rani is always willing to help with anything related to medical records, whether it be a simple question, or a complex medical search." "She is always patient and treats everyone with respect." "She sets high standards in medical records documentation but works to help everyone achieve those standards. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding medical records systems and minimum standards and has communicated that knowledge to help us make our medical records system better."

Alysha Ducharme - Small Animal Surgery

January 2013

"Alysha is extremely dedicated to the wellbeing of the small animal surgery patients." "I would like to very much support Alysha.  Her calm and composed demeanor is unwavering, and she is a leader within her section.  Without her or her team, we literally could not function as a surgery group.  She is the most reliable person I've worked with in the hospital.  We all cherish her!  :)" "Alysha always works with a smile on her face.  She is rarely rattled, and completes her job flawlessly and consistently. She has been a great role model for our temporary OR techs-  providing top quality service is her motto." "Alysha is always interested in doing things better, and performing at top efficiency- she is a super star!" "Her calm and composed demeanor is unwavering, and she is a leader within her section."

Sandy Brown - Radiology

December 2012

"Sandy keeps my day moving along efficiently." "She makes me laugh - what is better than that?" "Sandy is my go to person when I need help fulfilling a client's request. She is willing to drop everything to provide exceptional customer service." "Sandy does an amazing job in keeping the radiology department running smoothly. Sandy consistently provides help to students and doctors in getting the never ending RIS orders entered correctly and does so in a positive and encouraging manner. She provides invaluable and timely help in getting imaging studies to our referring veterinarians. Without Sandy the hospital would not function as well due to her never ending desire and perseverance to have things done in a timely manner. Those who have had her approach them to get tasks completed know what I am referring to! She brings a great attitude and smile to work every day. Thank you Sandy for all you do!"

Dr. Kevin Kroner - Small Animal Medicine Intern

November 2012

"When he is not working with a client or a patient he is busy helping his co-workers and the students. It is not unusual to see Dr. Kroner with a mop in his hand." "Dr. Kroner was fabulous and made sure that I was kept informed every step of the way, he even called me from home during his "off" hours to make sure we had everything we needed. He is amazing and if I had a choice I would ask for him every time!" "Dr. Kroner is very concerned anytime something goes awry and is always part of the solution. He makes a conscious effort to speak in a positive way and I look forward to running into him in the halls just so I can say hi and see the big smile." 

Dr. Brad Nelson - Equine Surgery 

October 2012

"Brad goes above and beyond. You know he will do whatever you ask of him. He is always around to help out even if he is off clinics. He speaks to clients so they understand what is going on with their horse in a professional, yet caring manner." "Dr. Nelson is very honest and we know he will help us and make sure we are safe when working with horses, especially the not so well mannered horses." "He comes into surgery, when he is off clinics, to help get the day going. If the technicians are not fully staffed, he will gladly step in and help out. We forgot to send certain equipment to the Denver Zoo, so Brad took time out of his day off to drive it down to the zoo. We really appreciate what he does." 

Dr. Jennifer Pendergraft - Dermatology

September 2012

"Dr. Pendergraft provides excellent learning opportunities and hand-on learning.  She was very thorough in her examination and her explanation of the process and the treatment. I also appreciated her follow-up phone call and emails immensely." "Dr. Pendergraft is very responsive to our needs and takes each inquiry seriously." "She raised money and purchased CSU t-shirts to send home on the animals that have had allergy testing! What a great idea!"

Dr. Scott Chamberlin - Critical Care Resident

August 2012

"Dr. Chamberlin was absolutely great!" "We were very appreciative of his honesty while discussing additional therapies and treatments and for giving us an accurate prognosis, even though it wasn't favorable." "We appreciated his ability to understand that while we love our animal that invasive therapies or tests were not something we wanted to put her through." "He supported our decisions, never pressured us, and cared for us very well." "He was available over the weekend to visit with us." "He answered all of our questions and explained the upcoming procedures to us." "We were completely engaged in the care of our animal."

Tony Flores - Remodeling Supervisor

July 2012

"Tony is great to work with, he listens to our concerns, and helps to explain what is going on and how we can get the best result with the remodel." "Tony and his team are very understanding and willing to work with us to limit inconveniences for our clients." "He is very knowledgeable and has very high standards." "I wish we could hire Tony to work permanently at the VTH." "What a great team player." "He is a great example for our core values." "Thanks Tony for always being willing to listen to us."

Rene Scalf - Emergency and Critical Care Leader

June 2012

"Rene was a tireless worker advocating for the pets that had been displaced." "She helped the VTH take in, care for, and send out, over 130 patients that had to leave their homes because of the High Park Fire." "Rene has done such a great job reaching out and helping with the fire evacuee animals." "She's done a great job recruiting volunteers and managing all the animals, all with a smile on her face!" "Rene has done a marvelous job helping with the Leadership Development series, especially those involving Servant Leadership." "How do you pick a core value that Rene consistently demonstrates and exemplifies, she does them all."

Linda Hutson - Manager at the VTH

May 2012

"Linda always comes to work with a great attitude." "She just digs in and gets things done." "Linda has a great grasp of the financial rules and regulations of the University and the State." "She works hard to make things work." "She really listens and asks great questions. If you can show her a reasonable justification for what you want to do, she will do what she can to find the money to get it accomplished." "Linda has done a great job supporting the Director's office staff, she is a real team player." "Linda is a critical component for the health of the hospital." "Linda is an amazing cook!"

Connie Peterson - Medical Technologist

April 2012

"Connie has been the 'go to' medical technologist in the clinical pathology department for 4 years." "She performs her duties with efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism and is a role model to all who come in contact with her." "In addition to her position as a general technologist, she is the 'second in command' when her supervisor is unavailable." "She maintains the entire inventory for the clinical laboratory, and she is the quality control manager for clinical pathology." "Connie has initiated many changes in the handling and accounting of the clinical pathology inventory. These changes have been instrumental in streamlining the process, decreasing errors, and increasing interdepartmental accountability in the selling of supplies." "Connie has represented CSU clinical pathology as a national committee member for quality assurance since 2008." "She acts as the primary troubleshooter for the blood gas analyzer and the chemistry analyzer."

Dr. Sarah Marvel - Small Animal Surgery Resident

March 2012

"She is an outstanding resident, veterinarian and person." "She truly cares about her patients, clients, as well as student education." "She makes the referring vets feel like part of the team, providing encouragement for the things they have done prior to and following referral to the VTH." "She goes above and beyond for her clients, communicating well and frequently." "The day goes better when Sarah is part of the team." "She has a remarkable ability to hold a client's hand through their decision-making process." "Even though my dog had to be euthanized, I am contacting you to alert you to the amazing level of medicine and assistance both my dog and I received during his week long visit with Dr. Marvel." "Dr. Marvel tried everything to control and possibly revers the damage that had been done during his polymyositis."

​Dr. Rainier Ko - Neurology Resident

February 2012

"He should be the superstar-of-the-month, not just the Star Performer. He is consistently positive and offers some of the best customer service in the VTH." "He has a lot of common sense." "Dr. Ko performed delicate spinal surgery on our dog. He is a gifted surgeon whom we have the utmost confidence in." "He kept us informed on a daily basis and made sure we understood what was taking place." "He took us to a private room and showed us before and after pictures of our dog's back and explained what he had done." "When it was time to take our dog home, he went over everything we needed to do for our dog to have the best chance." "He even went through the steps our dog would need to do go relieve himself. He was thorough and made sure all of our questions were answered." "The CSU Veterinary Hospital is very fortunate to have a young man like him on the staff."

Dr. Brian Miller - Equine Field Service Veterinarian

January 2012

"I was very impressed with Dr. Miller. I needed my horses teeth looked at, and he did a great job with my horses and with teaching the students." "I would definitely not hesitate to have him come out and work on my horses again." "He always has a smile on his face, and comes to work each day with a 'Can-Do' attitude." "What a great addition to the VTH, he is so easy to work with." "As a senior student, it has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Miller. His leadership of the service has definitely lived up to all of my expectations." "He allows the students to make decisions and guides us." "He expects us to assess the animals and make choices with his guidance." "This is the type of Veterinarian we need at CSU to teach students. 

Dr. Katie Curran - Intern

December 2011

"She was kind, patient, and explained in detail what was happening." "She called us at least twice a day to give detailed reports on our dog's progress and status." "She answered every question posted to her about our dog's condition." "When we picked up our dog on Saturday, she was there with her smiling face." "Her unwavering dedication is simply remarkable."

Dr. Kathy Lunn - Small Animal Internal Medicine

November 2011

"She embodies all of the core values of the VTH, Compassionate Care, Superior Service, Teamwork, Stewardship, Safety, Communication, and Excellence." "She is one of the most knowledgeable faculty we have." "She has unlimited patience when teaching Students, Interns, Residents and Nurses." "Many clinicians and staff depend on her as a mentor and a friend." "She is loved by all her clients and her patients." "She is respected by all departments." "She is a quiet soul but her mind speaks volumes."

Debbie Popichak - Equine Surgery Nurse

October 2011

"She is a true asset to the equine surgery department." "She is not only hardworking, but never have I seen her with a bad attitude." "She takes care of the residents like they are her own kids, always asking how they are doing and offering advice or comfort." "She is amazing with the clients." "Debbie is one of the kindest persons I know and she makes every day enjoyable." "Her hard work and dedication to CSU should be recognized."

Brandi Burgess - Biosecurity House Officer

September 2011

"She is a very valued resource to clients and rDVM's." "She helped me with several cases to communicate to owners with positive salmonella results." "She did an excellent job with the EHV-1 outbreak, worked extra hours and provided expertise on planning and protocols." "The whole state benefited with her knowledge and help." 

Cheryl Spencer - Ophthalmology Service

August 2011

"Cheryl always goes out of her way to accommodate clients." "I so appreciate her care and compassion." "I was thrilled with the way my horse and I were treated, and very thankful to Cheryl for helping me out." "My positive experience at CSU was made even better through the hard work of Cheryl."

Billie Arceneaux - Radiology Technician

July 2011

"She does an incredible job of juggling the needs of many people, often with little support and little planning. She takes great care of our patients and are very patient with us as we tweak our various monitoring and support of the patients. If needed, she is willing to run between CT and MRI so that exams can be done on both machines. She is always calm and collected. Bille always works to "make it happen". She made a great effort to get the Equine CT table to work."

Dr. Katie Amend - Equine Surgery Resident

June 2011

"Dr. Amend was absolutely wonderful in keeping us updated and in expressing her concern and managing our horse's care." "Dr. Amend performs at the highest level of compassion and communication." "She has an amazing gift to bring veterinary medicine to a level for the client to understand and provide them with the best resources and tools to make decisions."

Dr. Kerstin Henneveld - Dermatology Resident 

May 2011

Thanks Kerstin for your efforts on behalf of the VTH. Your nominations highlighted many of our core values such as; Compassionate Care, Communication, and Excellence. We are grateful for all that you do, and thankful for the past three years that you have spent with us. We wish you the best as you continue on with your career."

Dr. Randolph Winter - Small Animal Intern

April 2011

"Dr. Winter has a spectacular way of inspiring motivation in a hectic, fast-paced environment..." "He goes out of his way to facilitate learning and to encourage leadership up and beyond any other clinician." "He ensures comfort and compassion in all his dealings with clients. Both his verbal and non-verbal communication exude sincerity."

Dr. Kelly McCord - Small Animal Internal Medicine Resident

March 2011

Thanks Kelly for all of your efforts on the behalf of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. It is great to have someone who cares so much for our clients and patients, and is willing to go the extra mile to take care of everyone. We appreciate your desire and willingness to excel.

Tyler Rayburn - Computer Help Desk

February 2011

"All of his work is done with a great attitude, a nice smile, and quiet enthusiasm." "Even when he was doing the work of multiple people, you would never know it." "Even when you know he is busy, his general response is: "No problem. Let's take a look at it right now." "Tyler epitomizes the work ethic and can-do attitude in the face of pressure that everyone in the VTH should emulate."

John Flores

January 2011

"John gets the place looking good not only for client's but for employees at the VTH." "When asked to paint an area, he just does it, without ever a complaint and gets it done fast." "He painted all of the exam rooms in the old part of the VTH early in the morning and most people didn't ever realize he was doing the work." "Approachable and cheerful, always works with us to get things done quickly."

Maggie Curran - Animal Care

December 2010

Maggie works in animal care, and can be seen around the hospital early in the morning during the week. She cleans all around the hospital, but especially in the small animal area during the mornings, stocks the kitchen, and runs loads of laundry to name a few of her tasks. Maggie exemplifies many of our core values, but especially enthusiastically meeting or exceeding expectations for all she serves.

Char Becker - Pharmacist

November 2010

"On Tuesday, June 29, 2010, a very pregnant Char Becker came to work as usual and worked her normal shift. She had contractions all day long but continued to work after hours helping with the inventory in Pharmacy. They finished with the inventory around 8:30 pm and Char was going to go home but was talked into going directly to the hospital. Little Dora Rose Becker was born around 11:30 pm (three hours after Char finished with the inventory). Char is an example of a very dedicated VTH employee!!"

Amy Rodriguez - Anesthesia Nurse

October 2010

"Amy is a wonderful example of the expertise that we have in our Anesthesia service. Our nurses are often at the center of our patient's time here at the VTH, and they work very hard to make sure that the rest of our lives and schedules go as planned. Amy clearly communicates the patient's needs and explains things in a logical and easy to understand manner. Her close attention to details makes the environment safer overall for the patient."

Dr. Jeanne Ficociello - Small Animal Internal Medicine Resident

September 2010

"We have had dogs during our entire marriage, and have had positive experiences with veterinarians in other states, but none have done a better job in addressing our concerns than Dr. Ficociello". "Dr. Ficociello recommended a food change for our dog and he now actually eats his dog food and loves it. We now have a handle on his diet and subsequently his diabetes. He plays ball as often as he can make us and every day he is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed." "If there is a course on how to communicate and work with over-anxious owners about their pets, she should write the textbook for it."

Dr. Debi Gibbons - Diagnostic Imaging

August 2010

"Dr. Gibbons provides energy, enthusiasm, expertise and an intense commitment to the common goal. For example, she left clients with the comfort of knowing they had brought their cat to one of the best Veterinary Hospitals in the world, and that they had done everything possible for their very much loved little family member".

Tracy Keegan - Supervisor for Client Services and Medical Records

July 2010

"Tracy is one of the people in the Client Services who makes things happen in harmony for clients, pets, veterinarians, residents, interns, students and staff. She has led change efforts with the new reception remodel, phone system integration, and the scheduling system. Tracy is always working to make our customer service better".

Gail Gumminger - Hospital Administrator

June 2010

"Gail has shown tremendous courage to start new programs like Hospital Week. Her efforts in visiting each of the different service areas shows just how much she cares and how she wants to be able to understand the concerns that each of the service areas have. Gail's work ethic and wonderful ideas that she brings to the VTH are appreciated".

Lu Brevard - Anesthesia

May 2010

"While Lu wears many hats, his main responsibilities include repairing equipment and moving large animal patients. Lu has been doing an excellent job of this for years, and can always be relied upon for assistance with equipment. More recently, he made extra efforts in the equipment audit, and with the switch gear project. He has gone above and beyond his normal duties (still getting these done by the way) and helped the VTH to achieve a 98 percent of equipment found, and to provide excellent assistance for the switch gear project where we are working with the planned electrical outages".

Dr. Erick Egger - Small Animal Orthopaedics

April 2010

"Dr. Egger is one of the best teachers/surgeons in the small animal orthopaedic world. Dr. Egger loves to teach, and it comes across in everything that he does. He is dedicated to veterinary medicine and education and cares deeply for the well being of his patients, the communication with the clients, and the education of the students and staff".

Anna Lee Mercado - Reception/Call Center Supervisor

March 2010

"You will often see Anna Lee stepping in to help in Reception or the Call Center during lunch breaks or when people are on vacation. She is great to talk to, always supportive, and looks for solutions, even though she is generally presented with problems from faculty and staff". 

Dee Middleton - Volunteer

February 2010

"Dee is one of our fantastic volunteers. She staffs the small animal waiting room on Tuesday afternoons. If you stop by to see Dee, you will get a big smile, a warm greeting, a cup of coffee or tea, and likely a piece of pound cake".

Dr. Jenny Sonis - Equine Internal Medicine Resident

January 2010

Dr. Sonis has been spoken highly of by clients. One credited her, stating that their horse is still with them due to the excellent care he received from her.​

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