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Financial Information

State of Colorado Employee Discount

What is the State of Colorado Employee Discount?

Colorado State University, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and the State of Colorado appreciate the daily efforts and contributions of CSU and other state employees. The CSU VTH wants to recognize those efforts by making world-class veterinary care available at discounted rates to all of those who serve the State of Colorado. In addition, the VTH wants you to personally experience what it means to have your animal in the hands of the very best so you can share those experiences with your family and friends.
The CSU VTH offers a 20 percent discount on veterinary services to any current employee of the State of Colorado, including all those employed by Colorado State University. The discount applies to all veterinary services, but does not apply to items from the pharmacy, central supply or services provided by the CSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories and the CSU Orthopaedic Research Center.

What is Required and How Does the Discount Work?

  • You must be a current employee of the State of Colorado (including CSU), or the spouse/partner of a current employee of the State of Colorado.
  • The 20 percent discount applies per visit. Any charges that are applied after the patient client has been discharged will receive a 20 percent discount to the revised visit invoice total (which may create a credit in some cases).
  • The 20 percent discount is applied after all usual and ordinary charges and credits are applied. For example, if a portion of the total charge is being paid by research or another source, these credits, or deductions, will be taken before the 20 percent employee discount is applied to the remaining total charges.
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