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Virtual Records Bring Pet's Medications Information to Light

Have you ever wanted to check out your pet’s medical records? Remind yourself of what year your dog had his teeth cleaned? Share a picture of an X-ray with your veterinarian? These are some of the future medical record services that we want to provide for clients of the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Complete and accessible medical records are critical to veterinary care continuity, particularly in a large veterinary hospital such as CSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. In April 2014, the hospital rolled out the newest version of its proprietary electronic medical records system, VetPoint. The new version fixes problems that dogged the old system and incorporates some innovative features that both veterinarians and VTH clients are sure to love.

There are a lot of dogs and cats (and horses, llamas, ferrets, birds, etc.) at the VTH.

Everyone’s pet is special, but sometimes in the midst of a busy day, a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks to VetPoint, your pet’s picture can be uploaded into his or her medical record. With more than 35,000 cases a year, it helps our veterinarians remember all those furry and feathery faces.

Even more important, VetPoint brings all of your pet’s information together in one place. That includes lab results, diagnostic imaging, vaccination records, exams, and everything that gives a complete picture of your pet’s health.

Accessible, Complete, Intuitive

It took six months to develop and launch the new VetPoint. That included many, many hours of design, programming, transferring records, and scanning images. But all involved concede it was well worth the effort.

Your animal’s health care team at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital can easily access your pet’s complete medical record at any time, ensuring continuity of excellent care.

It’s easier to compile and send medical record information to clients and their veterinarian by e-mail and fax.

Our veterinarians can review medical information from anywhere. They can log on from home, meetings, or conferences to look at test results, read treatment plans, and sign off on orders.

New information can be entered real-time, so medical records are always up-to-date and are available for all of the services taking care of your pet.

VetPoint is now Web-based, providing more reliable connectivity and accessibility.

Veterinary teaching programs benefit from the ability to bring recent clinical case examples into the classroom for better veterinary instruction and training.

Stay Tuned

The VetPoint development team is continuing to refine and build new features into VetPoint. Most exciting for owners is the goal of implementing a secure portal that will give them, and referring veterinarians, access to their pet’s records.

A big thanks to the team involved in getting the new VetPoint up and running. Dr. Rob Callan was the driving force behind testing, adoption, and training. Janine Gentile was the project manager. Wenhing Jiang was responsible for software development and design. About 20 additional people from CVMBS IT Services were involved in the process, from software development engineers, quality assurance, project management, release management, and distribution.