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About the Avian Diagnostics Section

Our Avian Diagnostics section offers disease testing services and flock health support for the U.S. poultry industry including:

  • Commercial poultry
  • Backyard flocks
  • Waterfowl flocks
  • Upland gamebird facilities
  • Pet birds

We provide a wide array of avian disease diagnostic services, including avian influenza virus and Newcastle disease virus testing, virus isolation in embyronated eggs and Salmonella Enteritidis culture and real-time PCR.

We conduct a number of research projects, both in the US and in developing countries. We also conduct training courses for local veterinarians and animal health officials in developing countries.

We also provide educational opportunities for commercial poultry and upland gamebird producers and backyard poultry owners.

Avian Diagnostic News

  • Defend your flock against avian influenza
    ​​​With the recent detections (since February 2022) of the Eurasian H5 strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza in wild birds and domestic poultry in the United States, bird owners should review their biosecurity practices and stay vigilant to protect poultry and pet birds from this disease. ​
  • pet health chicken touching
    Don’t kiss your chickens and other commonsense tips for poultry owners from Dr. Ragan Adams.​​​​

Contact Us:

Fort Collins Diagnostic Laboratory

FedEx/UPS Shipping Address (physical address):
2450 Gillette Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526

USPS Mailing Address:
200 West Lake Street
1644 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1644

(970) 297-1281

(970) 297-0320

Rocky Ford Diagnostic Laboratory
27847 Road 21
Rocky Ford, CO 81067​

Phone: (719) 254-6382
Fax: (719) 254-6055​

Western Slope Diagnostic Laboratory
3164 B 1/2 Road
Western Slope, CO 81503

Phone: (970) 243-0673
Fax: (970) 242-0003​​​​​​​​​​​​

For poultry health questions, please contact the Avian Health Hotline: (970) 297-4008 or email

For NPIP related questions, please contact Jenna Oxenhandler at (970) 297-5160. If Jenna is unavailable, contact Heather Reider at (970) 297-1234.