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In the CSU College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, we’re proud of our world-renowned expertise in life sciences. This foundation uniquely positions our college to tackle local and global challenges, to provide critical new knowledge through basic research, and to offer important solutions. Particularly valuable are two approaches that help define our research: translational medicine, which translates insights gained from basic science and novel clinical therapies of animals with naturally occurring disease into improvements in human medicine; and the One Health framework, which advances global public health and well-being by investigating pressing questions at the interface of human, animal, and environmental health.

Dr. Susan VandeWoude, DVM, Associate Dean for Research


​​Innovation, Collaboration, Discovery

  • COlleen Duncan, polar bear study
    ​Dr. Colleen Duncan, a veterinary pathologist at Colorado State University, is examining the interplay of climate change and population dynamics among polar bears to determine whether the great Arctic carnivores face new infectious diseases along with dwindling ice.​
  • sue vandewoude, puma, mountain lion
    ​A CSU team, led by our Associate Dean for Research Susan VandeWoude, is investigating mountain lion population and disease dynamics that result from human impacts. The project attracted a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation.​​
  • cancer symposium, proton, anschutz, max matsurra
    Imagine a targeted radiation therapy for cancer that could pinpoint and blast away tumors more effectively than traditional methods, with fewer side effects and less damage to surrounding tissues and organs.
  • lukas foster, parkinson's disease, michael j. fox
    ​Parkinson’s disease took the life of Lukas Foster’s grandfather. Now the biomedical sciences major is searching for better treatment in the lab of a noted CSU Parkinson’s researcher, and with funding from the Michael J. Fox Foundation.
  • michael lappin, cat, feline, kirk award
    ​Dr. Michael Lappin, an expert in small-animal infectious disease, sees a compelling connection between disease prevention, animal health and human happiness. Now he’s an honoree of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.