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Hiring Process

State Classified

  1. Create or update PDQ (attach new form or link).  "New Position" or "Vacant" should be indicated on the PDQ.
  2. Department HR liaison or hiring authority contacts in CSU HR Employment to post the position for a minimum of 5 workdays using one or more of the following methods (if a newly created position, must have position number assigned before proceeding with this step):
    1. Transfer/Reinstatement List: advertises the position to candidates who currently work for the State of Colorado, or have worked for the State of Colorado and are eligible to reinstate. (Interested parties should submit a cover letter and resume, which is used to screen candidate for possible in-person interviews).
    3. Referral List: Department receives the top six candidates from any active referral list from central HR. All candidates from a referral list MUST be interviewed.
    5. Open Competitive: No active referral list exists, so the position must be advertised to the general public. HR will work with departments to develop the job announcement, testing methods, deadline dates, etc. Exams are optional but if used, a ranking occurs based on scores derived from the exam. which is then provided to the hiring department.
  4. Interviews are scheduled with a minimum of the department and hiring authority/supervisor. All candidates must be interviewed in the same manner; i.e., you cannot interview 2 via phone and 2 in person.
  6. Department determines best qualified candidate. (If the top candidate comes from a referral that is flagged as “Red Stamp – Yes”, the department MUST have approval to consider an offer to the selected candidate, before submitting a background check.  Department HR helps coordinate.)
  8. Background check request is submitted to CSU Human Resources and and charging party should notify candidate to watch for email from HireRight.
  10. CVMBS HR will notify the supervisor when background check is completed successfully.
  12. Supervisor makes offer of employment to successful candidate and determines official start date.
  14. Candidates not selected for the position must be notified by the hiring department.
  16. New employee meets with the departmental HR liaison to complete the necessary paperwork.
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