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Hiring Process

Administration Professional

  1. Create or update Job Description.
  3. If position number does not exist, complete a New Position Request Form (found on the CSU Central HR Website) for approval and signature. Route through Greg Suniga, he will send to HR.
  5. Authorization is given to charging party to begin search when position number is received.
  7. Charging party selects search chair, committee members and involves , Janice Brown. 
  9. Short/Long position descriptions and recruitment plan are given to CVMBS EO Coordinator who submits to the OEO for approval.
  11. Approval MUST be received from the CSU OEO office before advertising begins according to approved recruitment plan. The job description is submitted to journals, websites, listservs, etc., as well as posted to college/department web page by the charging party (admin support).
  13. Admin Pro positions must be posted for a minimum of three weeks; faculty positions need to be posted for much longer.
  15. Recruitment begins – applications accepted.
  17. The search committee may develop a screening document which must be approved by OEO. This is not a requirement, however is a best practice.
  19. The Committee Chair or administrative person may eliminate those applications not meeting minimum requirements from the pool.
  21. Committee members individually screen/evaluate qualified applications in preparation for meeting to discuss.
  23. Committee meets after the position closing date to discuss evaluation of applications, Admin Support completes Applicant Spreadsheet to submit to , and requests permission to interview candidates (either via telephone or campus interviews). Committees may wish to do telephone, skype, etc. interviews prior to campus interviews to narrow the pool.
  25. If telephone interviews are not necessary or desired by the committee, a request goes to the to bring specific applicants to campus. In some situations, especially postdoc hires, telephone interviews of all candidates are acceptable and the request to offer can be made without the actual campus interview. This is at the discretion of the charging party and/or search committee. If requesting to interview via telephone or in person/on campus, all candidates must be interviewed in the same manner; i.e., you cannot interview two via phone and two in person. All must be done the same way.
  27. Following the interview process, the search committee meets to discuss candidates and formulates their report and submits it to the charging party. Charging party reviews recommendation, makes selection and notifies of request to offer. A completed Applicant Spreadsheet must be submitted at that time to the CVMBS EO Coordinator who will then submit the request to the CSU OEO office for approval.
  29. CVMBS OEO administrator notifies charging party when CSU OEO approves to proceed.
  31. Charging party requests background check from on final successful applicant.
  33. Charging party contacts the successful applicant indicating we are now in the background checking process and they will be contacted by HireRight to submit information for the background check. Offer cannot be made at this point – background check must be completed.
  35. CVMBS HR will notify the charging party when background check is completed successfully.  Soft offers are contingent on the background check being cleared. 
  37. Charging party contacts successful applicant with offer and begins negotiations.
  39. Once negotiations are completed, charging party sends final offer letter, with appropriate signatures, to successful candidate.
  41. When offer letter is signed and a start date is established, a copy of signed offer letter is sent to office and charging party communicates effective start date to .
  43. Compliance form packet is completed by CVMBS EO Coordinator and forwarded to OEO for final approval with copies going to hiring authority and CVMBS HR office for their files.
  45. All search materials must be maintained in the department/unit for three years following the official start date of the applicant.
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