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Building, Infrastructure and Related Services

CVMBS Facility and Infrastructure is dedicated to providing the College with outstanding services in its physical environment, including buildings and infrastructure. As the College grows, the physical environment needs to expand and modernize as well. CVMBS Facilities assists the College in construction planning, designing, and remodeling. 

​CVMBS Facility and Infrastructure works with CSU Facilities Management to help you quickly and efficiently remodel your workplace, while following all State of Colorado building codes. Remodels and renovations can include single modifications, such as painting, plumbing, carpentry, or electrical work, or larger projects under $500,000. We will help you estimate and plan your project before the remodel, as well as manage contractors to ensure that your project is completed in the quickest fashion. If you have questions about a remodel or renovation, contact Bill Conn.

The College is currently experiencing a wave of growth and expansion, and we need appropriate facilities to showcase our abilities and continue to provide outstanding service. CVMBS Facility and Infrastructure is interested in providing excellent services during the construction process, while pursuing sustainable construction practices.

We will help you plan, design, and offer support services to help you complete your project. For questions about capital construction projects, contact Bill Conn.

CVMBS Facility and Infrastructure works with the Key Desk to provide access to various locations in the College. Access will only be granted if a department manager fills out a Key Request form and forwards it to the Key Desk at CSU Facilities Management. For other questions about requesting or returning a key, changing a lock, or reporting a lost or stolen key, contact Bill Conn.

Activities in the College that are not academically-oriented must be coordinated through Facilities. If you are interested in reserving a space on campus, equipment rentals, or locating utilities for an event, contact Bill Conn.

If something breaks, jams, or requires repair, CVMBS Facility and Infrastructure can assist you with your needs. Several services are provided free-of-charge, and include keys sticking in doors, door closure issues, repairs to windows and walls, icy entryway, loss of electrical power, leaky fixtures, and room temperature control. Services that require a fee and a Work Order Authorization, include installing a lock, installing furniture or fixtures, and special cleaning services. For a full list of services, visit the CSU Facilities Management Customer Service page. If you are unsure of what maintenance problems you are experiencing, contact Bill Conn.

If you want to fill out a work-order request, please visit the FAMIS Self-service page, available through the Campus Administration Portal. Note: you must be in the CSU Network to login.

​At CVMBS, we pride ourselves on providing a clean environment to students, faculty, and employees by conducting daily cleaning in the College. If you notice an area that needs cleaning, please contact Bill Conn. Other services, including non-routine carpet cleaning, outside window cleaning, window blind cleaning, and pest control, are available for a fee from an outside contractor. For other questions about custodial services, visit the CSU Facilities Management webpage.

CVMBS Facility and Infrastructure works with CSU Utility Services to monitor utilities in the College and promote water and energy conservation. Utilities include electric, natural gas, water, and sewer. If you have any questions about water usage, would like to locate underground utilities before an event, or would like to report an outage or other non-emergency utility situation, contact Bill Conn.

For more information about CSU Utility Services, visit the webpage.

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