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eThority Requirements Overview

In order to successfully connect through eThority, you need to complete three requirements.
  • Ensure you are directly connected to the University network or connected through a secured VPN connection. eThority is a web-based software tool that is designed to "Self Authenticate," or allow users to pass-through a log-in process, when a user goes to the website.
  • Download the most current version of Adobe Flash player.
  • Make sure you have added eThority as a "trusted intranet site." You can do this by:
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  3. Go to 'Tools'
  5. Then Click on 'Internet Options'
  7. Then Click on 'Security Tab'
  9. Highlight 'Local Intranet'
  11. Click on 'Sites'
  13. Click on 'Advanced' and add this website to the zone:
If you are still having issues connecting to eThority, please contact your Local eThority Administrator (LEA). Please refer to the Local eThority Administrators and User Account Managers by Department document for your department’s LEA.
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