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What is Document Scanning?

CVMBS is taking on the challenge of improving document storage and accessibility while reducing paper document storage and the space required. All employees of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences can now request service from the Dean’s Office to scan and archive paper CVMBS documents.
Document scanning of CVMBS materials is done at no cost to the department or the individual. Documents are scanned into a searchable PDF format. Scanning will be managed on a first come, first serve basis. For requests with a specific time/date deadline, we will work to meet the deadline and/or communicate directly with the requestor regarding expectations. Documents that have been scanned in the past include: time sheets, phone records, personnel records, applications. The process can handle paper up to legal size, 8½ inches x 11 inches. Larger documents cannot be accepted due to equipment constraints.
To request scanning services from the CVMBS Dean’s Office, please fill out the scanning request form. The scanning request will be reviewed and forwarded to our scanning techs. The scanning techs will communicate directly with the requestor regarding any special requirements or instructions. On completion of the scanning request, paper documents will be returned to the requestor along with a jump drive containing the scanned, digitized documents.

If you would like to have your documents scanned and put on either our secure network drives or a USB drive, please contact Clint Brown at (970) 492-4102

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