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eThority provides one common tool to turn CSU data into information and disseminate that information to campus-wide users and decision-makers. eThority is a web-based tool for users to gather data from different university data sources and create customized reports. Reports can accommodate simple or complex user needs and can be modified and updated as needed. Consider making your information more readily available and your unit’s decisions more informed and quicker through the power of eThority.

eThority & Business Analytics

​eThority is a business information system with a user-obvious interface that connects data from many sources to be shared broadly against benchmarks and changed easily when needed.

ethority meeting sessions

Join us for onging eThority training sessions. ​We are now offering eThority open training sessions to answer questions for College employees. Stay on top of the latest releases or get your first taste of eThority. Bring current items you are working on, or items you need help with. There is no need to register!​ Visit the CVMBS calendar and search "eThority" to view available sessions!


 For Questions, Contact:

Missy Hein
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Linda Krause
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Clint Brown
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​FSS has created a service for all CVMBS college employees to utilize, which scans and archives all paper documents. Document scanning is done on a first come, first serve basis.

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