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Social media is a dialogue between our CSU and CVMBS brands and real, interested people. Social media casts a wide net to develop and share a vast amount of information, both the scientifically based and opinion-based knowledge and information. Why should you care? First, if the best and the brightest are not participating in the conversation, and accurate information is not a part of the dialogue, then positive progress is less likely. Second, social media is fundamental communication to our current and future students. Don’t let inaccurate information prevail, act now. You don’t need an account – just contact us with your news or information.

CVMBS Social Media

​The CSU VTH social media sites offer animal owners and veterinarians scientifically-based information, education and events. Follow the VTH on Twitter and “like” the VTH on Facebook to join the conversation.

​There are literally thousands of science-interested individuals already following the College on the official social media sites. Reach out to interested young students, colleagues and those seeking trusted information on your areas of knowledge. Follow CVMBS on Twitter and “like” CVMBS on Facebook – and invite your friends and colleagues.

​LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site focused on professional networking. It is a great place to find jobs, hire the best people and stay connected to the over 10,000 CVMBS alumni and industry colleagues. Join the CSU Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Group on LinkedIn.


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