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Our Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences brand is our reputation. It is a cumulative opinion formed by our constituents from their knowledge, assumptions and reactions to what we do and how we present ourselves. Each of us contributes to the brand with every success, every speaking engagement, and every encounter our colleagues, students, media and the public have directly or indirectly with us and our research, our presentations and our materials.

​Building well-respected and recognized CVMBS, VTH and VDL brand reputations under the umbrella of Colorado State University benefits the University, the College, and each subunit within the College. Each of us shares a responsibility and benefits from being recognized as leaders in our fields working in a respected institution among other leaders in science and higher education. Being recognized as part of something great does not imply that we cannot or should not also build strong individual or subunit identities and reputations. Each of those strong subunit identities contribute to the brand reputation of the whole and should also benefit from the brand reputation of the whole. The CVMBS Communication Initiatives team is committed to assisting every individual and every unit of the College in building their brand awareness and reputations for excellence in their fields and services.


All materials including presentations, brochures, pdfs, flyers, etc., should include an official Colorado State University logo. For logo information, contact the communication team at​ 

Branding Guidelines – CVMBS, VTH, VDL

If you are planning or working on any type of event announcement, brochure, newsletter or web communications, this simple set of CVMBS Branding Guidelines should help save time and rework. Our team is always available to answer questions and assist with design planning.

Colorado State University Branding Guidelines

The University provides simple and clear guidance for developing materials and websites that share a common look and feel and, therefore, create a fundamental connection to CSU in the CSU Branding Guidelines. There is always plenty of room to develop a creative and unique and professional set of materials within these overarching guidelines. 

Business Cards, Letterhead & Templates

Check out all the alternatives for CSU, CVMBS, VTH and VDL business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and note cards and order online.

PowerPoint Templates 

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