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DVM MS Animal Sciences combined degree program

 The DVM/MS-AnSci program was developed to better prepare and retain livestock-oriented veterinarians through foundational industry training.

DVM MS-AnSci Combined Degree Program


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​The DVM MS-AnSci combined degree program at Colorado State University is a 5-year course of study leading to both a master of science in animal science and a DVM degree. This program was developed to better prepare and retain livestock-oriented veterinarians through foundational industry training.

Program Requirements

A BS is required for entry into the graduate program. Depending on the student’s area of interest, MS coursework may focus on genetics, reproduction, livestock behavior and welfare, meat and food safety, nutrition or beef management systems. Students will also complete a research project, with the aim of publishing the results of the research prior to program completion.


Each student will work with his/her co-advisors within the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to create a graduate committee and design a program of study.

Timeline of Studies

In the first year of the combined program, students will complete MS coursework and initiate research efforts. The 4-year veterinary degree begins in the fall of the second year of the combined program. Research will subsequently be completed, and the manuscript submitted for publication, over summers between years 1 and 2, and /or between years 2 and 3 of the DVM program. All MS degree work must be completed prior to entering the third year of the DVM program. 

Financial Support

Students will receive a stipend toward full graduate tuition support for the first year of MS coursework. Research project support will be provided by the mentor or the principle investigator within the laboratory in which the student is studying. Additionally, students may be asked to generate a modest proposal for funding to augment project support. A student accepted to the program as a non-sponsored (out-of-state) student may convert to sponsored (in-state) status prior to matriculation in the DVM program if he/she has fulfilled the requirements for establishment of Colorado domicile during the MS year.

Applicant Selection

In addition to conventional attributes of acceptance into CSU's DVM Program, the DVM MS-AnSci selection subcommittee seeks students with demonstrated interest in livestock medicine through coursework, volunteer posts and employment opportunities.

How Do I Apply?

In order to begin the DVM MS-AnSci combined degree program, you must have completed a bachelor's degree. You may apply for admission to the DVM MS-AnSci program prior to receiving your undergraduate degree, but you must be awarded the bachelor's degree prior to matriculation in the fall. (Exceptions to this policy are infrequently granted.)

To pursue admission to this program, you must:
  1. Fill out an application using the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS).
  2. Complete the DVM MS-AnSci section of the Colorado Supplemental Application (CSA). Learn more about the CSA and other admissions requirements on the DVM Applications and Procedures page.
  3. Once admitted to the DVM MS-AnSci program you must submit an application to the CSU Graduate School. 

What Happens Once I Receive an Offer?

If you indicate you wish to be considered for the combined DVM MS-AnSci program (on the Colorado Supplemental Application), your application will additionally be considered in the regular DVM admissions pool. When decisions are released, if a candidate receives an OFFER to the DVM MS-AnSci program, he/she will not be further considered in the regular DVM admissions pool, regardless of whether or not he/she accepts or declines the DVM MS-AnSci offer. If a candidate is denied or designated as an alternate for the DVM MS-AnSci program, your application will be considered in the regular DVM admissions pool. 

If you withdraw your acceptance to the DVM/MSA program before/after matriculation into the graduate program, you will be dismissed from the professional DVM program. You will have to re-apply for admission to the DVM program or the graduate school.

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