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dvm counseling services
Wellbeing matters because everything we do, personally and professionally, relates to our health and wellness. The College of Veterinary Medicine is committed to promoting student success through supporting dimensions of health and wellbeing including: Physical, Emotional, Social, Environmental, Spiritual, Career, Financial, and Intellectual. Each dimension of wellbeing is interrelated and of equal value in the reaching the goal of overall health and wellbeing.
DVM Counseling and Wellbeing Services




​Please feel free to contact Dr. Fonken directly:

Dr. Laurie Fonken
Office: (970) 491-3919
Cell: (970) 988-3894

107 Physiology Building


 For Emergency Situations


If at any time it is brought to your attention that a student is in eminent danger of harming or killing themselves or someone else:

  • Call the CSU Police Department (970) 491-6425 (on campus) or 911
  • Call 911 (on or off-campus)
  • Take student to the ER

Dr. Laurie Fonken is our in-house Psychotherapist providing counseling, mentorship and education in the areas of mental health and wellbeing with the goal of empowering students in pursuit of optimal health and wellbeing while achieving academic success in veterinary school. Confidential individual and couples counseling offers assistance for a variety of issues including (but not limited to) transitions, depression, anxiety, academic stress, imposter syndrome, enhancing resiliency and mindfulness-based stress reduction, relationship concerns and grief and loss. The counseling process, for those who actively participate, can result in individuals feeling healthier and in command of life and learning. Counseling can be one step in a complete treatment program for a healthy well-adjusted life. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness or vulnerability, it is, in fact, a sign of strength and intelligence. It may also be the first significant step to solving personal or academic problems. Dr. Fonken offers flexible hours to meet your needs. Services are free of charge and confidential.

Small group counseling and large group educational sessions are also offered throughout the semester.

Life happens. Sometimes the skies are calm and clear and sometimes dark and stormy. When difficult times occur, you may feel discouraged, and alone, you may lose your sense of direction and purpose, you may wonder if things will ever get better.  Having a robust support system of individuals, tools and practices can be vital to getting back on track and refocusing on your true north. Wellbeing is more than being free from illness. It is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving one’s full potential. 

DVM students have full access to the CSU Counseling Center through the Health Network

Call (970) 491-6053 to speak with our on-call counselor and scheduling staff
Visit Counseling Services on the 3rd Floor of the CSU Health and Medical Center, located at 151 W. Lake St (corner of College Ave. and Prospect Rd.)
Psychiatric Services are available through the CSU Health Network (970) 491-7121. Students will need to contact the CSU counseling center by phone or walk in. At that time they will meet with a behavioral health specialist to determine need for psychiatric services and if necessary an appointment with a Psychiatrist will be scheduled. CSU Counseling and Psychiatric services are provided at reduced charge (or no charge) to the students and are actually paid for in part through student fees.

Helpful Links

Just Ask video

Health and well-being should be our highest priority for ourselves and for the people around us, at home and at work. We encourage you to take time to ASK, each day, throughout the day. This simple word will help give us permission and remind us to ASK how we can help our team members and to ASK ourselves what our needs are.

its okay

​Video done by SAVMA students to address health and wellbeing as a student and as a veterinary professional.


VIDEO: We asked two graduating DVMs what they would tell first-year students. Their advice will move you.

podcast a vet

​Check out this important information podcast on everything vet medicine and facilitated by Dr. John Arnold, a CSU DVM Alum.

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​1601 Campus Delivery
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