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DVM Student Resources


 DVM Student Resources


DVM Team Organizational Structure

Dr. Melinda Frye​
Associate Dean
Veterinary Academic and Student Affairs

Dr. Gretchen Delcambre​
Director of DVM Admissions
Dr. Delcambre oversees the recruitment and admissions process for prospective DVM students, and provides support through services related to diversity, new student orientation, and career services.

Jamie Fouty
Program Effectiveness Manager
Focused on outcomes assessment, and data analysis and presentation for continuous improvement.

Rosemary Lucas
Database Query and Management Specialist
Focuses on data acquisition and data management.

Deb Liptak
DVM Student Coordinator
Third and fourth-year DVM students; non-CSU DVM students and residents; and clinical rotation practicum.

Adrienne Marcus
Program Assistant for DVM Student Services

Allyce Lobdell
Administrative Assistant for DVM Services

Dr. Danielle Frey
Director of International Student Experiences for DVM Students
Dr. Straatmann works with international and regional experiential educational opportunities for current DVM students.

Dr. Andrew West
Education Development Manager
Focused on supporting faculty in curriculum development, instruction, and in learner assessment.

Julie Becker
DVM Teaching Lab Coordinator and Instructional Support

Dr. Laurie Fonken
DVM Student Psychological Counselor
Counseling Services for DVM students experiencing academic hardships, situational issues, immediate crisis, or mental health concerns.
All counseling is confidential. No information is released to anyone without your written consent except in the case of a life-threatening emergency or when it is otherwise required by law.
If you are concerned about the health, safety, or well being of a student or employee, tell someone, tell someone, tell someone.