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DVM Special Programs

 CVMBS offers several opportunities for financial assistance or guidance into our veterinary program with our Vet Prep and Food Animal Veterinary Career Incentive programs.

DVM Special Programs

​Food Animal Veterinary Career Incentive Program

The FAVCIP accepts up to five applicants per year to complete an undergraduate curriculum focused on food animal veterinary medicine.  The FAVCIP program can (but does not guarantee to) qualify you for preferred admission to pursue your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Colorado State University. For more information about how to apply, eligibility for this program, and curriculum requirements, check out the FAVCIP Help Sheet. ​​

Vet Prep Program

Vet Prep is a one-year program designed to assist economically, educationally, and/or culturally/environmentally disadvantaged* students prepare to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine.  

Candidates do not apply for this program. Those candidates with a qualified disadvantage* and an application that presents evidence of an ability to handle a rigorous biomedical curriculum (often showing an upward trend in academic coursework/credit loads) may be reviewed for a position in the Vet Prep program. The timeline for the Vet Prep review and release of decisions is the same timeline as for the review and release of decisions in the regular DVM admissions process.

* Disadvantaged circumstances are evaluated as one or a combination of economic, educational, and/or  cultural/environmental factors. 

  • ​Economic factors include: a demonstrated history of low income of applicant and family unit prior to college entrance and pre-veterinary education; level of financial support provided by applicant to the family unit prior and during pre-veterinary education; if an applicant has a major financial responsibility to a household; and history of financial aid.  
  • Educational factors include: inadequate early education because of frequent change of schools during elementary and secondary education; unusual number of hours of employment or necessitated other time commitments for supporting self or family unit during high school and pre-veterinary education; lack of exposure to academic role models and of participation in sound educational programs.
  • Cultural/environmental factors include: born to immigrant parents; reared in an ethnic minority culture; reared in a family with English as a second language; experienced cultural stress as a result of transition from a predominantly ethnic minority community to an academic environment; reared in an economically depressed area; reared by someone other than parents; reared in an environment lacking exposure to opportunities offered by higher education; reared in an environment of abuse such as alcohol, drugs, child abuse and other physical abuse. 
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