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 We want to be sure that applying to our veterinary program is as seamless and transparent as possible. Use the guidelines below and see "CSA Application Information" link below under "Necessary Applications" to ensure you complete all the necessary steps.

DVM Program Entrance Requirements

​(Includes International Applicants, see section below)​​​​​​​​


 Necessary Applications


 Important Deadlines

  • August 13, 2018 Last day to take the GRE Exam
  • September 17, 2018
    Official transcripts received at VMCAS  (Sep 1 is suggested)
  • September 17, 2018 - 10pm MDT
    VMCAS Application & Fee
    CSA Application & Fee
    GRE (V,Q,A) self-reported scores
    VMCAS LORs (3)
  • July 15, 2019 (if offer/alternate status) Receipt of final transcript showing completion of any provisional/required prerequisites


 DVM Admissions Contact

(24 hour reply)​

1. Veterinary Course Requirements

Complete the necessary prerequisite courses with a grade of C- or​ above. You can apply and be admitted under provisional admission before completing all required courses. The course substitution request form can be found here.

2. Transcripts

Applicants should send official transcripts to VMCAS before September 1, 2018 to allow time for transcript verification. VMCAS will perform Transcript Verification on all submitted VMCAS applications. (See Application Procedures for details).

3. GRE Scores

Take the GRE General Test before August 13, 2018. The Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical scores are required. Test scores earlier than August 1, 2013 will not be accepted. The self-reported/unofficial scores must be entered into the Colorado Supplemental Application (CSA) for a successful submit of the application. Official scores should be received at CSU (code 4075-dept 0617) before September 30. (See Application Procedures for details).

4. VMCAS Application & Fee

Submit the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) before September 17.

5. Colorado Supplemental Application (CSA) & Fee

Submit the CSA September 17. (See Application Procedures for details).​

6. VMCAS Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

You will need to submit three VMCAS LOR's, as part of the VMCAS Application before September 17. 

7. Interviews   

Candidates selected to interview will be invited by email notification sent in late December. Completing the interview is required to be considered for a position in the DVM program. Interviews will be held on January 19-20, 2019. (See Application Procedures for details).

8Review the DVM Program Essential Functions​ document so you are familiar with expectations for completing our program.

International Applicants

We welcome international applicants - Please review the additional requirements below:

1. Take the TOEFL examination

The TOEFL examination is required for all international applicants from a country whose primary language is not English. The minimum TOEFL score for admission without condition is 550 (paper-based), 80 (internet-based) or 6.5 (IELTS). Official scores, taken within two years prior to admission, must be submitted directly from the testing agency. Please have the testing agency send official scores to CSU (code 4075, dept 0617). 

Students are exempted from the TOEFL requirement if the official language of their country is English or they have recently earned a degree at an American university. For more information, please see information posted by the CSU Graduate School-Graduate Bulletin-Admissions Requirements + Procedures, PLAN C. 

2. International Transcripts

All international transcripts (to include Canada) must be processed through a transcript evaluation service and received at VMCAS before September 17. Only electronically submitted World Education Services (WES)​ evaluations will be accepted by VMCAS. (See Application Procedures for details).​

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