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toxicology Test tubes

 A student performing an experiment with different samples collected for a Toxicology assignment.

DVM/MST Combined Program for International Students


 DVM/MST Resources


 DVM/MST Contact

​Dr. Marie Legare, DVM, PhD

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Master in Toxicology Overview

Partnering with the Center for Environmental Medicine (CEM), this DVM/MST program will provide specialty training to selected international candidates in the disciplines of toxicology and veterinary medicine. As a member of this program, you will have the benefit of being a part of a highly competitive veterinary program with access to world-class research opportunities. When you have completed this program, you will receive both the Master of Science and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees.

How do I apply?

In order to apply for the MST/DVM Program, you must be a nonresident, non-US citizen and must have completed a bachelor's degree. You may apply for admission to the MST/DVM Program prior to receiving your undergraduate degree, but you must be awarded the bachelor's degree prior to matriculation in the fall.

To pursue admission to this program, you must:

  1. Fill out an application using the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS)

  2. Complete the MST/DVM section of the Colorado Supplemental Application. Learn more about the CSA on the DVM Applications and Procedures page.

  3. Meet TOEFL requirements as set by the CSU Graduate School

  4. If admitted to the MST/DVM Program, you must submit an application to the CSU Graduate School.

If you indicate that you wish to be considered for the combined DVM/MST Program (on the Colorado Supplemental Application), but are denied an offer or designated as an alternate, your application will automatically be considered in the regular DVM admissions cycle.


What happens once I receive an offer?

Candidates are specifically offered a nonresident non-sponsored position in the graduate Toxicology program and in the four year part of the DVM Program. Please know, by state law, the tuition classification of non-sponsored DVM student remains non-sponsored for the duration of the combined program i.e. you cannot change your tuition classification once you matriculate in the DVM Program. Updated tuition information for the graduate and DVM Program is maintained on the Student Financial Services website.

If you receive an offer, to the DVM/MST Program, you will not be further considered in the regular admissions pool for the DVM Program, regardless of whether you accept or decline your offer to the DVM/MST Program.

Before matriculation, if you withdraw your acceptance to the DVM/MST Program, you will have to re-apply for admissions to the DVM Program or the graduate school.


Once I begin, what will my overall curriculum look like?

Your program is outlined as follows:

  • Completion of requirements for the MST Program (one year, plus a summer, if needed)

  • Completion of requirements for the DVM Program (four years)

After successfully completing your first year of the MST Program, you will be offered admission to begin your DVM degree part of the combined program. Your MST degree is conferred upon completion of the MST degree requirements.

For more in-depth information about this combined program, please visit the DVM Student Resources website and the Professional Master of Science in Environmental Health-Toxicology website.