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CVMBS Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan: A blueprint for fulfilling our mission and vision​

The Strategy Map shows our strategic goals for the next five years within the framework of four key categories. Each category comprises strategic goals, and all lead to fulfillment of our mission and vision, with an overlay of the values that characterize our work.

Each of these goals has a listed sponsor, who will lead the development of specific action plans. Each of the six goals also has an associated “activity scope,” which further describes the goals. I encourage all faculty and staff to get involved and to help us define and execute the action plans for strategic goals. Please contact the sponsor listed next to the goal(s) that interests you most. 

View the Strategy Map to get more information.​​

A message from Dean Mark Stetter

Our veterinary college is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious; we are a powerhouse in biomedical sciences, and we are particularly well-positioned to contribute to translational medicine and One Health efforts. How do we leverage our foundation to enhance value to those we serve? The Strategic Plan provides a critical framework to help guide answers to that question; it will help us prioritize our work and will provide a roadmap as we make decisions about the future.

Please get involved!

I’ll also note the important relationship between our college values – Transparency, Accountability, Collaboration, Respect, and Innovation – and the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is a blueprint for action, and our values characterize how we carry out those actions. The Strategic Plan helps guide what we do, and our values shape how we do it. So the two are intrinsically linked in defining our college culture and our future. Together these help us become a higher-education community of choice.

A bit of background: Our College last drafted a Strategic Plan in 2002, with an updated version in 2005. When I came aboard as dean in summer 2012, it was clear that it was time to take a new look at the mission, vision, and strategic initiatives for our college – taking into account challenges, opportunities, and advantages as we see them now, and as we plan for the future.

Our early discussions around strategic planning began last year, when we hired the consultant Ruth Johnston, Ph.D., Associate Vice Provost at the University of Washington, who is a national leader in developing strategic plans for higher education. Dr. Johnston has been working with members of the College Executive Council to begin this process. 

We have been engaged in several retreats to generate strategic concepts and ideas. We have worked together to draft the Strategy Map, which guides our Strategic Plan in the form of a basic blueprint for excellence. Members of our Executive Council have been presenting the Strategic Plan to faculty and staff during meetings, including our Forums. 

Ask questions and send comments!

We are eager to field your questions about the Strategic Plan and to hear your ideas for further developing the Plan.

I encourage you to get involved, and to email written input to ​

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