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CVMBS College Office Personnel

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Mark Stetter Dean​ 491-7051
Chris Haase Assistant to Dean 491-6344

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Melinda Frye Associate Dean for Veterinary Academic and Student Affairs 491-2009
​Gretchen Delcambre ​Director of DVM Admissions ​491-6163
​Kayla Andrews ​Financial Education Specialist ​491-2563
Laurie Fonken DVM Counselor 491-3919
​Jamie Fouty ​DVM Program Effectiveness Manager ​491-6008
Janet Janke Admissions Director - Operations 491-7052
​Deb Liptak DVM ​Student Coordinator ​297-0384
​Adrienne Marcus​ ​DVM Professional Resources Coordinator ​491-7054
​Allyce Lobdell ​Administrative Assistant for DVM Services ​491-3125
Andrew West Director - Academy for Teaching and Learning 491-2184
​Rosemary Lucas ​Database Query and Management Specialist ​491-4945
Danielle Frey Director of International Student Experiences
​Laura Leinen ​DVM Student Coordinator ​491-1708


Susan VandeWoude Associate Dean for Research 491-7162
​Gilbert John ​Assistant Dean for Research ​491-7145
Aimee Oke Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research 491-7053
Jade Frank ​Administrative Assistant
Theresa Rulon ​Administrative Assistant

Undergraduate and Graduate Education and Advising

Sandra Quackenbush Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs sandra.quack​ 491-6856
Kathleen Ann Bowen Pre-Vet Advisor 491-7095
Chase Weldon Career Liaison 491-0526
Kristen Brown Undergraduate Support Coordinator 491-6874

Office of Advancement

Megan Price Executive Director of Advancement  ​491-2969
​Aaron Phaneuf ​Director of Development​ ​​491-1817
Ali Fernandez ​Associate Director of Development ​491-7239
​Katie Rothstein ​Associate Director of Development ​491-6631
Lauren McCracken Assistant Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship 491-0663
Megan Covington Advancement Coordinator ​491-7446

Finance and Strategic Services

Thom Hadley Executive Director 491-5618
​Jon Stocking ​Senior Director of Operations ​491-6481
Ryan Walters ​Assistant to the Executive Director ​491-1654

Finance and Accounting

Dana Schwartz Associate Director Research Administration 492-4104
​Staci Folot ​Assistant Director Research Administration ​492-4234
​​Melissa Hein Accounting and Budget Analyst ​​491-7037​
​Dee Walker Fiscal Officer ​ ​492-4232

Human Resources

Christy Conrad Director of Human Resources 491-7765
Pony Davis HR Case Manager 491-2135
Kinda Carpenter HR Associate Director 491-2459
​Kristy Moreno ​HR Coordinator ​491-8182


​Kris Browning-Blas Director of Communications ​491-6915
Rachel Yager Assistant Director of Communications 491-6771
Hillary Noble ​Web Development and Design Coordinator ​491-7589
Ashley Manweiler Social Media Manager 491-6479
​Billy Babb ​Graphic Designer ​
​Kelsey Bustos ​Outreach Coordinator ​491-6846
​Jessica Cox ​Writer

Environmental Health & Safety

Bob Kaempfe Director 491-6637

Instructional Technology

​Jay Oaks ​Canvas LMS Coordinator ​491-6229

Maddi Funk

CATS Lab Support Staff


IT Services

Kacie Reed Chief Information Officer 297-4597
Services Software Development
​Wenjing Jiang ​Software Development Manager ​492-4177
​Conrad Woodall ​Developer ​492-4173
​Paul Norvelle ​IT Architect ​492-4169
​Hussein Al Rousan ​Software Engineer ​492-4179
​Tracy Baszler ​Diagnostic Lab Software Engineer ​297-5411
​Mike Glitzke ​​Interim Infrastructure Manager ​​ ​491-1028
​​Stefan Tonazzi ​Workstation Administration ​​491-5810
​​Sally Winden ​Database Administrator ​492-4172
​Tom Harmon ​Systems Administrator ​492-4170
​Martin Yates ​Systems Engineer ​297-1230
​Erin Napier ​Web Administrator ​491-2971
​Steven Ericson ​IT Technician ​492-4141
​Mark Ducoff Interim IT Operations Manager ​297-5065
​Leah Bosch ​Application Support Specialist ​491-8731
​Carrie Schmer ​Diagnostic Lab Application Support Specialist ​297-4219
Desktop Support
​Terry Hall ​IT Technician Lead ​491-2158
​Tyler Eike ​IT Technician ​491-1149
​Bryan Salimbeni ​IT Technician ​492-4186
​William Harvey ​IT Technician ​491-2219
​Mark Johlgren ​IT Technician ​297-4317
Project Management Office
​Joe Strecker ​PMO Manager ​492-4174
​Janine Gentile ​Project Manager ​492-4175
​Geoff Weatherford ​Manager ​491-2627
Business Analytics
​Bob Provopulos ​Manager, Operational Analytics ​297-4072