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Outstanding Rams

Do you know an alumnus or alumna with an interesting story to tell? Please send your profile suggestion to To learn more about our alumni community, visit the alumni newsletters archive.​

  • Noa Muniz Roman
    ​As a veterinarian and Extension dairy specialist, Román-Muñiz teaches and trains dairy farm protocols to farm workers so that animals and employees can stay healthy and safe.
  • dr. robert miller
    “Even though I never set out to study veterinary medicine, it all worked out beautifully. Just as I planned it.” -CSU alumnus Dr. Robert Miller, class of 1956
  • amazing alumni shannon oliver
    ​Thanks to his CSU education in Environmental Health, Shannon Oliver went from ski bum to school sustainability expert.
  • amazing alumni dr. bruce health
    Dr. Bruce Heath studied veterinary medicine at CSU, earned degrees elsewhere, and then returned as a professor who helped establish the field of veterinary anesthesia.​
  • kerry knievel amazing alumni 2017
    Dr. Kerry Knievel studied anatomy at CSU, then went on to earn a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, and now focuses on headaches at a premier neurological center.​​
  • michael lairmore, amazing alumni 2017
    Dr. Michael Lairmore earned a Ph.D. at CSU, where his examination of viral pneumonia in sheep helped understand HIV-AIDS in people. He now leads the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis.
  • sara dunn, amazing alumni 2017
    Sara Dunn earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental health in our college and now is an attorney specializing in water law on Colorado’s Western Slope.​​