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Outstanding Rams

Do you know an alumnus or alumna with an interesting story to tell? Please send your profile suggestion to To learn more about our alumni community, visit the alumni newsletters archive.​

  • Kjell Lindgren
    After his first mission on the International Space Station, Dr. Kjell Lindgren (M.S., '96) returned to Colorado State to share insights on space research, teamwork, and achieving big goals. 
  • Michael Stoskopf
    Dr. Michael Stoskopf (B.S., '73; D.V.M., '75), a pioneer in zoological medicine, encourages students to create their own paths while seeking solutions to wildlife and planetary health. 
  • Jerri Walters
    As a radiation protection analyst in a nuclear power plant, Jerri Walters (M.S., '09) paves the way for women in the field of nuclear energy.
  • Guy Stewart
    Guy Stewart (B.S., '13) studied fermentation microbiology at CSU, and now puts his talents to work as a microbiology analyst for New Belgium Brewing.