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Feedback on Teaching

About Peer Observations

The primary goal of peer observations is to provide you, as an instructor, with immediate and constructive feedback on your teaching. The purpose of peer observations is not to evaluate (i.e., place value on) your teaching. Generally, outside observers pick up on aspects of your instruction that simply may not be evident to you when you are teaching. In light of this, the peer observation process provides you with dedicated time to reflect upon your teaching with your colleagues.

What to Expect

During a peer observation, you will be observed by up to three of your colleagues. You are welcome to choose any of your colleagues to serve as observers, or we can help connect you with faculty who have volunteered to serve as observers. All observers will fill out either the peer observation in the lecture setting form or the peer observation in the clinical/lab setting form. The form simply serves as a starting point for reflection on your teaching.  Please plan on a short (approximately 15 minutes) pre-observation meeting with your team prior to your instruction and a longer (approximately one hour) meeting at the conclusion of the observation. Ideally, your instruction and the debrief will occur within 24 hours of each other.

Schedule a Peer Observation

When you are ready to schedule a peer observation, simply email us at:

Volunteer to Serve as a Peer Observer

Interested in serving as a peer observer?  If so, please email us and we will get you connected:

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