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microbiology undergraduate student

 Microbiology students gain hands-on laboratory experience as part of their core curriculum.

Microbiology Undergraduate Program


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 MIP443 Microbial Physiology

Check out the following super-cool  video students created for their 
Microbial Physiology (MIP443) project!

Toxin: Antitoxin Rap ​


Why Microbiology at
Colorado State University?

CSU offers the only bachelor's degree program in microbiology in the state of Colorado. With approximately 225 microbiology majors, our program is big enough to be dynamic, but still small enough to offer students personalized attention and relevant experience not always available in larger programs

microbiology students

Microbiology is the study of organisms, most of which are too small to be seen with the naked eye.


Career opportunities in microbiology are excellent and the outlook for future demand is very good.

Quality Instruction

All of our undergraduate courses are taught by full-time, departmental t​eaching faculty​. Many of our teaching faculty have received awards for their high quality, innovative teaching methods, and many are recognized leaders in laboratory research.

Challenging Curriculum

Degree requirements include courses from the All University Core Curriculum (AUCC), supporting courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biological science, and microbiology courses, including hands-on microbiology lab classes. Students may also elect to complete coursework in several related interdisciplinary study programs, including Biotechnology, Food Science/Safety, and Molecular Biology, and Biomedical Engineering.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The department operates a number of multi-million dollar research programs. Students may participate in undergraduate research, working alongside world-renowned researchers in our departmental laboratories.

Individual A​dvising​

Academic advisers help each student tailor a program to meet his or her specific goals by adding majors and minors, participating in an Interdisciplinary or Study Abroad program of study, or earning credit for undergraduate laboratory research.

Career Opportunities

A variety of career avenues are open to graduates with a degree in microbiology. A microbiology degree provides excellent preparation for entry into graduate or professional medical programs, as well as direct entry into a career. Employment opportunities exist in research, biotechnology/industry, diagnostic/clinical, and government positions.

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