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Residency Funding Opportunities

Morris Animal Foundation

There is a formal PhD support program for DVM's funded by Morris Animal Foundation. Currently this funding (~ $100K/yr) is used to support up to 2 PhD students for year 1 of their program.

Criteria: DVM with a career focus on cancer research.

T32 Training Grant

Provides veterinarians with backgrounds in pathology and/or comparative medicine training in modern molecular an multidisciplinary research with the goal of enabling them to become NIH-funded principle investigators.

Criteria: Each candidate entering the training program will have completed basic residency training in pathology or laboratory animal medicine or a related discipline.

The NIH-NCRR-supported program spans 3 years following the candidates' completion of residency training.

Check out the PhD Graduate Training for Veterinarians in Biomedical Research page for more information and application details.


The ACVP/STP Coalition for Veterinary Pathology Fellows was formed to provide a unified mechanism for ACVP and STP to solicit and allocate funds to establish new training positions in response to the current and predicted future shortage of well trained veterinary anatomic and clinical pathologists.

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